22 août 2015

eucen eLearning platform in Moodle

The eucen resources and eLearning platform is a space with modules or courses to help professionals in the area of ULLL (i.e. directors of centers, practitioners, academics, researchers, officers, etc) to develop their profession.
The main objective of eucen for creating this platform is to give tools to members of the network that can help them improve their ULLL profession or can help them offering to colleagues and employees targeted staff development online courses, directly connected to the area and nature of their jobs. The courses on this platform include different materials such as templates, documents, case studies, videos, etc to make the experience both interesting and useful.
http://moodle.eucen.eu/. More...

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ICETEL - Improving Continuing Education and Training through e-learning

Based on experience and knowhow of the project partners, the best approaches to eLearning have been identified and provided to a large target group via a thematic online guide on eLearning in University Continuing Education. More...

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ODELUCE - Open and Distance Education and Learning through University Continuing Education

ODELUCE was funded by the Socrates Programme of the European Community as part of the Minerva Action. Minerva seeks to promote European cooperation in the field of Open and Distance Learning and the role of communication and information technology (C&IT) in Education. A particular interest is in the extent to which the use of e-Learning can contribute to the social inclusion of disadvantaged individuals and marginalised communities. More...

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UNFOLD - Understanding New Frameworks of Learning Design

The aim of this project was to enable Europe to take the lead in the creation and exploitation of the next generation of eLearning system. More...

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MODERN - Mobile and Digital Elearning Toolkit

MODERN intends to increase the ability and motivation of teachers and trainers to use digital learning resources as a means to more effective, relevant teaching, thereby causing a positive impact in their students (learning outcomes and engagement) and in the sector as a whole (ability to provide relevant training, keep pace with the technological changes taking place around them.) It will focus primarily on VET teachers and trainers and HEI teaching staff. More...

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TALOE - Time to Assess Learning Outcomes in eLearning

The world has been experiencing rapid transformation in Education area and on the actual scenario mobility, cooperation and development of quality relating to methods of assessment are crucial subjects that raise many questions. Effective assessment drives learning efficiency as the growth of e-learning technologies drives e-assessment. This growth reinforce the need to improve learning and support the idea that is important to define a strategy to ensure that our selection of assessment methods respond positively to the objectives and outcomes of our course programme allowing a clear evaluation of competencies, skills and knowledge. More...

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21 août 2015

V Congreso CREAD Andes

Calidad y accesibilidad de la educación superior a distancia



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Congreso Internacional sobre la Tecnología de la Información, Comunicación y Educación a Distancia

Experiencias Globales en Innovación, Evaluación y Acreditación en la Educación Superior a Distancia



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21st Annual Online Learning Consortium International Conference

Shaping the Future of Online Learning

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X International GUIDE Conference

Optimizing Higher Education for the Professional Student: A balance of flexibility, quality and cultural sensitivity

GUIDE Association: Global Universities in Distance Education

More at: http://www.guideassociation.org/10internationalconference_2015/index.php/en/the-conference


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