19 décembre 2015

Designing a Great Online Student Experience Critical for Sustained Success

The EvoLLLutionBy Alex Sevilla - EvoLLLution. Higher education institutions nationwide are looking for ways to expand their reach and serve students not just in their localities but also across their regions and across the country. More...

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18 décembre 2015

Innovation in online teaching in a Mexican university

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . I spent last week in and around Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco in Mexico. The Universidad de Guadalajara, whose origins go back to 1586, is the second largest university in Mexico, with about 130,000 students distributed between 15 campuses across the state. It also has a long-standing distance education program, now called Virtual Campus, which offers fully online programs, often through local ‘casas’ or study centres with Internet access (only about 40% of Mexicans, and almost none in the lower socio-economic groups, have Internet access at home, mainly due to lack of competition in the Mexican telephone industry). More...

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University of Central Florida introduces online adaptive learning

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . This article presents a short written account and a video of the adaptive learning program being introduced at the University of Central Florida (which is one of the pioneers of blended learning). It is being used particularly in large classes to personalize the learning. More...

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Moodle Moves Give Hints of What a Post-Fork World Could Look Like

By . Phil and I have written about the growing tension between the interests of Moodle HQ and a those of a couple of the bigger Moodle Partners, most notably Blackboard. There are a number of ways that this tension could be resolved, but one of the more dramatic possibilities would be a fork of Moodle. More...

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17 décembre 2015

#OEB15 Chairing the New versus Old Schools session #SPL07

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. This Friday I am chairing a session on New versus Old schools during Online Educa Berlin, looking at the emerging schools and learning centres. In the session I have the opportunity to listen to, and moderate debates with Maurice de Hond and David Cummins. If you are interested, or if you are an un-schooler, new educational thinker... join the session on Friday 4 December, between 12 - 13 o'clock on the spotlight stage room Potsdam III. Read more...

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#OEB15 keynote Cory Doctorow we are living in a surveillance state

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. If you can see a sci-fi novelist, blogger, and technology activist at work using a wonderfully harsh Canadian accent …. you need to stretch your fingers, massage your brain and prepare for some quick thinking.
Cory wears a nice reversed white and black jacket over his skull-pirate t-shirt and it suits his stage presents. Read more...

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#OEB15 liveblog Future workers and the future

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. On this last day at online educa berlin, these are my notes from the keynote with Cornelia Daheim, John Higgins, Ioannis Angelis on the topic of future and future work(ers).

Work or jobs or employment… paradigm shift in work. We all earn our living, with a variety of different models, but the classic work traject of school, job, retirement will be less frequently happening. Read more...

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16 décembre 2015

7 trends that will revolutionize online learning

eCampus NewsBy Andrew Barbour. Let’s face it: Online education has always been the unhappy stepchild to traditional classroom teaching. It’s generally been seen as a make-do solution to serve students who—whether for reasons of geography or scheduling—were unable to attend class in person. More...

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How to reduce admin tasks post-holidays with online tools

eCampus NewsBy . Thanksgiving has just ended and faculty and academic staff will soon dive into a full spring course load post holiday season. Professionals in the education industry know that meetings, paperwork, and other administrative tasks can be just as important to ensure a successful school year. More...

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15 décembre 2015

Reimagining Online Education

By Steven Mintz. As long as aviation pioneers tried to mimic birds, controlled, heavier-than-air human flight proved impossible.
Along somewhat similar lines, it is only by breaking decisively from traditional face-to-face models that it will be truly possible to create the kinds of immersive, social experiences in online education that will truly engage students and promote high levels of attainment among broad profiles of students. Read more...

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