13 février 2016

Harvard to raise the bar for online learning tech

eCampus NewsBy Andrew Barbour. As higher education pivots toward nontraditional learners, schools are facing demands to improve the production quality of the lectures they make available online. More...

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12 février 2016

Build More Collaboration into Your Online Class

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/Screen%20Shot%202011-12-12%20at%2012.29.48%20PM.png?itok=ITDqfJNPBy Travis Grandy. This summer I’ll be teaching my first fully online course. As you might remember from a previous post I wrote on using team-based inquiry, I really like creating opportunities for students to collaborate and support each other’s learning process. Read more...

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Online Learning Consortium Announces 2016 Priorities

HomeThe Online Learning Consortium will this year rebrand its main conferences and expand its Quality Scorecard, according to plans released Thursday. Read more...

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11 février 2016

Le E-learning :: Un potentiel qui reste à exploiter

Logo AmueComme l’indique un article paru sur FocusRH.com, le-learning n’est pas encore rentré dans les mœurs des entreprises et administration françaises. Retours sur les bonnes formules et le bon pilotage à mettre en œuvre pour généraliser ce dispositif et optimiser son potentiel. A lire !
En savoir + :: E-learning : comment envisager autrement la formation ?

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10 février 2016

Here’s a Snapshot of Online Learning in 2015

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/Ticker%20revised%20round%2045.gifBy . The Babson Survey Research Group released its last annual survey of the online-education landscape on Tuesday. You can read its report on the survey here. More...

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Open Thread Wednesday: Conducting Observations in Online Classes

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/profhacker-45.pngBy . The evidence against the effectiveness of student evaluations as a way to measure instructional success or gather feedback for redesigning courses is mounting. However, while many institutions have established peer or faculty center observation programs for getting more direct feedback on teaching, online courses can feel more isolated. Read more...

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Boom in Online Tutoring Means Another Cost for Many Students

By Jeffrey R. Young. One student's perspective: "It’s Thursday night and you have two big homeworks due Friday. Your friends are going out. You’re just like, I just want to finish this, I don’t really care how this gets done". More...

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09 février 2016

King’s College head: ignoring online education is big danger

By John Elmes. Ed Byrne, president and principal of King’s College London, believes that any university not exploring the world of distance education will find itself in “real trouble” because no institution is “immune to disruption”. More...

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08 février 2016

India is top target for online universities

BBCBy . India, with its huge education-hungry population, is the prime target of one of the world's biggest online university providers. 
Coursera, with 17 million registered students and free online courses from 140 universities, wants to be part of India's drive to expand access to higher education. Read more...

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06 février 2016

L’Emploi Store propose le "e-learning" pour tout savoir sur les services de Pôle emploi !

Logo Pôle emploiPour savoir quand et sur quels sujets Pôle emploi peut vous accompagner, découvrez le e.learning "J’utilise les services de Pôle emploi" sur l’Emploi Store (www.emploi-store.fr).
Vous y retrouverez tous les sujets sur lesquels vous pouvez solliciter Pôle emploi selon votre situation. Voir l'article...

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