05 juillet 2019

Employers Mull Offering Student Loan Repayment

HomeBy Paul Fain. Adding to anecdotal evidence about major companies considering student loan repayment benefits for their employees and new hires, a new survey found that a large share of employers (23 percent) are considering offering such plans. More...

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Seeking Answers on Loan Relief Claims

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. With borrowers who attended for-profits having waited years on loan relief applications, lawyers this week sued the Education Department to take action on more than 150,000 claims. More...

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Lawmakers Reconsider Bankruptcy for Student Loans

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee put a renewed focus in a hearing Tuesday on whether student borrowers should have access to bankruptcy relief. More...

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Top Higher Ed Debate in 2019? Big Solutions for Borrowers

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Previously relegated to the political fringes, calls for broad student debt cancellation are now being taken seriously -- a sign of how new energy is being devoted to challenges for current student borrowers. More...

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Warren to Introduce Student Debt Cancellation Bill

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, said Thursday that she planned to introduce legislation to cancel student debt that mirrors a presidential campaign proposal she released in April. More...

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04 juillet 2019

Sanders Will Seek to Cancel All Student Debt

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to unveil today a proposal to cancel all $1.6 trillion in student debt in the United States, The Washington Post reported. In the last election for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sanders made the issue of free college a major issue -- and he continues to back free public higher education. More...

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02 juillet 2019

Colleges Should Cosign Student Loans

HomeRisk sharing is coming, argues Carlo Salerno, and Congress can improve accountability by obligating colleges to help repay the debt they ask students to take on. More...

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16 juin 2019

A New (ish) Argument About Debt and Tuition

As I am starting to sketch out the bones of my next book, (semi-serious working title: How Tuition Fees Will Save the World), I am collecting arguments about the nature and desirability of private contributions to higher education.  Most of the interesting stuff on that front right now is coming from the United States, which is of course sui generis as higher education systems go and so not necessarily applicable elsewhere, but its nonetheless vital to understand. More...

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10 juin 2019

Walmart Expands Employee Tuition Benefits

HomeBy Paul Fain. Walmart this week announced that it is expanding a debt-free college tuition benefit for the retail giant's roughly 1.4 million U.S. employees. The company is adding 14 degrees and certificates in technology fields such as cybersecurity, computer science and network security to the Live Better U program, which had featured degrees in business and supply chain management. More...

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PwC Pays Off $25 Million of Employees' Student Debt

HomeBy Paul Fain. PricewaterhouseCoopers, the auditing and professional services company, is one of several large employers that in recent years has begun paying down employees' student debt, in part as a recruiting tool. PwC said this week that it has paid $25 million toward the student loan debt of its employees since creating the pay-down program a few years ago. More...

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