22 septembre 2017

Lower Student Debt, Higher SAT Scores?

Best Masters Degrees & Masters Programs 2017/2018We often talk about the importance of “being smart” about student debt. Now comes the news that there may be a more quantifiable relationship between the two -- at least when it comes to SAT scores. Here’s a closer look at research from online higher education financing resource Nitro indicating the link between student debt and SAT scores. More...

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21 septembre 2017

New student loan scheme – A 'half-baked' plan?

By Kudzai Mashininga. A student union representative has described Zimbabwe’s new student loan scheme – supported by US$1 billion put together by the state and six local financial institutions – as a “half-baked cake”, catering only for those whose parents are formally employed. More...

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20 septembre 2017

Student loans under the spotlight in upcoming elections

By Christabel Ligami. Both the ruling Jubilee Party and the opposition National Super Alliance, or NASA, have promised to increase the allocation of loans to the Higher Education Loans Board, or HELB. More...

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27 août 2017

Prêt relais mobilité (Logiliance) - Normandie

Faciliter l'achat d'une nouvelle résidence principale pour les personnes en mobilité professionnelle et ayant des revenus modestes. Plus...

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Prêt pour locataire en difficulté (Logiliance) - Normandie

Il s'agit d'un prêt pour l'allégement temporaire des quittances de loyers. Il est sans intérêt (taux zéro) et sans frais de dossier. Le montant maximum accordé est 12 000 €. Plus...

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02 août 2017

In reversal, colleges rein in tuition

University Business LogoU.S. college tuition is growing at the slowest pace in decades, following a nearly 400% rise over the past three decades that fueled middle class anxieties and a surge in student debt. More...

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MSSU, Cottey win grants for loan default prevention efforts

University Business LogoMissouri Southern State University in Joplin and Cottey College in Nevada are among 18 Missouri colleges and universities that will receive grants for the 2017-18 academic year to promote financial literacy and help prevent defaults on student loans. More...

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Maine lawmakers should back college debt relief bond

University Business LogoInvesting in economic development can be a good choice for a government that wants to grow jobs. More...

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Loan program for black colleges struggles with oversight, repayment

University Business LogoThe federal government has lent out nearly $2 billion over the past two decades to help dozens of historically black colleges and universities upgrade their campuses or refinance debt. More...

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Till debt do us part

University Business LogoAs Americans owe nearly $1.3 trillion in student loan debt, discussing the importance of managing debt and the pitfalls of bad credit is vital for students. How do we work together to help students understand how to properly manage their debt. More...

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