27 octobre 2017

Students at these schools carry the most debt

eCampus NewsAs student loan debt becomes a bigger concern in an economy where advanced degrees are a necessary part of workplace success, a new study seeks to establish the return on investment when it comes to student debt and future earnings. More...

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26 octobre 2017

Do students want long-term debt or limited earning power?

University Business LogoAt a whopping $1.4 trillion national total, student loans currently hold the silver medal in American consumer debt, second only to home mortgages. This staggering figure looms over nearly 45 million Americans. More...

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Community college default rate drops again

University Business LogoThe student loan default rate for community colleges continues to drop, according to new federal data. Minus foreign institutions, public two-year colleges are the only higher education sector that didn’t see an increase in the latest data. More...

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Brown launches campaign to eliminate loans from university undergrad financial aid packages

University Business LogoFifteen years ago, Brown University made a promise to make a Brown education more accessible to students from all income backgrounds. The first step, implemented in 2003, was a need-blind admission policy, which eliminated any consideration of an applicant’s ability to pay tuition from Brown’s undergraduate admission decisions for U.S. applicants. More...

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25 octobre 2017

College debt far from a uniform burden

University Business LogoTales of college graduates paralyzed by crippling student loan burdens are wildly exaggerated—in some corners of the country, like the West Coast. In New England, meanwhile, such horror stories are quite accurate. More...

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24 octobre 2017

Student loan company accused of mismanaging debt forgiveness program

University Business LogoOne of the country’s largest servicers of federal student loans has badly mismanaged debt forgiveness programs for public service workers, significantly raising repayment costs for hundreds of thousands of borrowers, according to a lawsuit filed on Wednesday by the attorney general of Massachusetts. More...

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23 octobre 2017

Growing number of Georgians with college loans, no college degree

University Business LogoDuring the three years they spent at Savannah State, Sanders and Leon struggled to pay their tuition, fees and living expenses. They accumulated more than $50,000 in loans between the two of them, despite working up to 40 hours a week. More...

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22 octobre 2017

Writing off student debt cheaper than claimed, says IFS

The Guardian homeDecision could cost the government as little as £10bn, well below the £100bn quoted by ministers. More...

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Let's stop tinkering round the edges – university funding needs a total rethink

The Guardian homeThe government is changing student loan conditions yet again, but it’s missing the point: uncertainty isn’t good for either students or universities. More...

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The cure for student debt isn’t frugality – it’s reforming the unfair loans system

The Guardian homeIt was all going so well. Two days into party conference and the Conservative party had vowed to win over the hearts and minds of young people, and they hadn’t even issued any failed hashtags yet. More...

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