21 février 2020

Microcredentials: go further, faster

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Microcredentials: go further, faster
FutureLearn, 2020/01/28
If you want to see the sales pitch for microcredentials, here it is (quoted):

  • They’re accessible... each microcredential takes place 100% online.
  • They’re fast... you can earn academic credits with a microcredential in a matter of weeks.
  • They’re prestigious... led by top academic institutions... or blue-chip employers.
  • They’re specialised... to identify skills gaps in specific industries.
  • They’re global... learning as part of a worldwide community.

And I have to say, all that's.... way over the top. It makes it soiund like you could have gotten your PhD in a few months from your living room if only it was taught using microcredentials. But microcredentials aren't - can't be - the equivalent of traditional credentials. More...

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31 janvier 2020

EdX Newest Credential: MicroBachelors

Earlier this month, edX announced MicroBachelors, a new microcredential that lets learners explore an academic topic, may help them earn academic credit, and can serve as an on-ramp to a full bachelor’s degree. More...

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New microcredential program helps students earn work-ready credentials

eCampus NewsNew IT-focused microcredential stacks seven bachelor's degree programs at WGU, helping students build a path to a degree. More...

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14 janvier 2020

EdX’s co-CEO answers 3 questions about higher ed’s future

Techno-News BlogGetting recognition among hiring managers has been one noted hurdle for these so-called alternative credentials, and their lack of standardization also threatens further uptake. More...

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11 janvier 2020

Nexus Degrees in Georgia

HomeBy Madeline St. Amour. Colleges in the University System of Georgia will soon offer a new credential similar to an associate degree, featuring a flexible curriculum and specific workforce skills. More...

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06 janvier 2020

Normandie - Microcrédit personnel (ou social)

Accorder un prêt aux personnes en difficulté en lien avec un projet personnel, visant à une insertion sociale ou professionnelle. Plus...

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27 novembre 2019

Survey of Graduates on Value of Credentials

HomeBy Paul Fain. Graduates of nondegree vocational programs are more likely to say their postsecondary credentials were worth the cost and made them an attractive job candidate than were graduates of terminal bachelor's degree programs. More...

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25 novembre 2019

Who's Completing Microcredentials?

HomeBy Lilah Burke. A new report looks at those who earn microcredentials, who are, on the whole, well educated, international, employed. Are the programs accomplishing what advocates thought they would. More...

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27 octobre 2019

Group's Count of Credentials Doubles

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. The report "Counting U.S. Postsecondary and Secondary Credentials" was published today by Credential Engine, a nonprofit group. The analysis is based on research conducted by the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness and the George Washington University Institute of Public Policy. More...

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24 octobre 2019

Why Western Governors U thinks microcredentials are the path to degrees

Techno-News BlogProjections that the pool of traditional students will shrink, wariness of continued tuition increases and limited growth in state support for higher education are prompting institutions to shake things up. More...

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