03 décembre 2018

Students turn to sports betting to meet campus costs

By Christabel Ligami. Cash-strapped Kenyan students are turning to sports betting instead of relying on loans or parental support, often with negative consequences for their studies. More...

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01 décembre 2018

The hidden costs of food insecurity on campus

University Business Magazine logoSince 2000, the net price of college has increased while real family income has stagnated. As a result, most students and their families have fewer resources but face higher out-of-pocket costs to attend college, with some making difficult trade-offs between paying for college or meeting their basic needs. More...

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29 novembre 2018

Forecast: Song Costs May Fall Like Rain

Forecast: Song Costs May Fall Like Rain
See, it's not just me. As NewsScan Daily summarizes it, "The music industry is fighting a losing battle, says Newsweek columnist Steven Levy, who says the RIAA's legal tactics make about as much sense as trying to sue a hurricane." Yup.
And the music industry's problems may just be beginning. In this Wall Street Journal article (normally subscription, but Google cached a daily freebie) we read about a CD of free (and freely sharable) music being released by Wired. More...

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25 novembre 2018

7 Ways to Reduce the Cost of an Online Degree

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. An online degree program can be a big investment. Luckily for 37-year-old northern Virginia resident Grant Clough, his employer offers workers $8,000 per year toward tuition reimbursement for those who choose to continue their education. More...

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05 novembre 2018

To understand the high cost of colleges, think of them as investment banks

University Business Magazine logoA report released last month by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, an intergovernmental contingent focused on economic progress, found that the United States spends spend twice as much on higher education each year—about $30,000 per student—than any other country in the world. More...

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04 novembre 2018

Here’s one way to cut the cost of college

University Business Magazine logoI frequently find myself in conversations with parents who believe they have little to no obligation to pay the entire cost of college for their children. More...

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Why college costs soared as more students enrolled

University Business Magazine logoBy today’s standards, the price of a college education at the time was amazingly low. A student applying to a state university that charged no tuition had total annual expenses ranging from $1,100 to $1,500, or the equivalent today of $9,460 to $12,900. By contrast, today’s state university students typically spend $30,000 per year on tuition and expenses. More...

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Nonresident drop of 26 percent at U. of Minn. forces slowdown in price increases

University Business Magazine logoA 26 percent drop in new nonresident students this fall has University of Minnesota leaders pulling back on plans to aggressively increase the cost of attendance. More...

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03 novembre 2018

The cost of accessing academic research is way too high. This must change

The ConversationIn the last week of October each year, libraries and open access activists around the world celebrate Open Access Week. It’s a week dedicated to increasing access to knowledge resources hosted by libraries, such as online journals and academic books. More...

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02 novembre 2018

Liberal Arts Education for $10,000 Per Year?

There is universal agreement that college costs too much. Currently, an elite liberal arts education costs an average of $68,000 per year. This has two major negative consequences. More...

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