06 août 2015

Development Costly but Delivery Variable: Costing and Pricing Online Offerings

Evolllution Logo, click to return to homepageBy Craig Weidemann - EvoLLLution. Due to the perception that it is cheaper to offer online programming than traditional, face-to-face programming, many colleges and universities have been pushed to add these courses and programs to their roster. But, is designing, developing and delivering a truly high-quality, high-value online offering cheaper than crafting an equivalent face-to-face program. More...

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Online Programming Has Potential to Push Higher Ed Costs Down

Evolllution Logo, click to return to homepageBy Shai Reshef - EvoLLLution. In 2013, President Barack Obama derided the high cost of higher education today, a theme reflected by the comments of countless students, families, observers and even post-secondary administrators. Public desire for more affordable and accessible higher education options has never been higher. More...

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05 août 2015

What does federal regulation really cost colleges?

University Business LogoBy Stefanie Botelho. In the intensifying debate over whether to reduce federal government regulations on universities and colleges, one number has been at the forefront: $150 million. More...

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31 juillet 2015

REF 2014 cost almost £250 million

By Holly Else. Accountability review finds cost of assessment equates to 2.4 per cent of funding bodies’ expected spend over next six years. More...

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Les parents français estiment que les études supérieures coûtent trop cher

Par Orientations. Très souvent, les parents contribuent au financement des études supérieures de leurs enfants. Et pour cause, en France, 60 % d'entre eux estiment qu'aujourd'hui, il est nécessaire d'avoir un diplôme d'études supérieures pour s'en sortir sur le marché du travail. 46 % d'entre eux jugent même très important que leurs enfants obtiennent un diplôme de niveau bac +5. C'est ce que révèle l'enquête mondiale « Value of education » publiée par HSBC le 15 juillet. Suite...

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05 juillet 2015

Containing the costs of a higher education degree

eCampus NewsMany higher-ed institutions are turning to online models to more cheaply deliver certain kinds of courses and assess student learning. Is this, in fact, a good or sustainable strategy? What role does technology have to reduce the costs of delivering post-secondary education. More...

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How much does upkeep of college buildings really cost?

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. Utah taxpayers may be paying about $250,000 more than is needed for the University of Utah to run a pair of yet-to-be-constructed classroom buildings, according to a state audit released Tuesday.
Read more.

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This is why state colleges cost so much

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. Stubbornly low funding for state colleges is driving up the cost of tuition for American families and exacerbating underlying problems in public university systems, experts said Thursday.
Read more.

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Why does a college degree cost so much?

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. In February 1970, with the school's storied quadrangle by the Charles River still in the grip of winter, Harvard University broke the bad news to students and their parents: Tuition was going up.
Read more.

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04 juillet 2015

Crossing the Pond

HomeBy William G. Durden. The most pressing challenge to undergraduate education in the United States is arguably its sharply rising cost. In a 2013 Bloomberg News article, Michelle Jamrisko and Ilan Kolet assert that tuition expenses have increased 538 percent since 1985, compared with a 286 percent jump in medical costs and a 121 percent gain in the Consumer Price Index. Read more...

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