27 février 2016

Qualifying as a barrister 'may cost new students up to £127,000'

The Guardian homeBy. Students beginning university may have to spend up to £127,000 to qualify as a barrister, the new chair of the Bar Council has warned. More...

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26 février 2016

Un étudiant coûte presque 14 000 euros par an à l’Etat

Par Orientations. Pour chaque année d’études, un jeune français coûte 13 873 euros à l’Etat. Selon une note d’information de la Direction de l’évaluation, de la prospective et de la performance (DEPP), la France se situe dans la moyenne des pays de l’OCDE (données de 2012), qui est de 13 646 euros par an. Ce résultat évolue peu par rapport à l’année précédente (13 940 euros). Voir l'article...

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16 février 2016

Student group lobbies Liberals for $3.3-billion annually to cover tuition costs

Go to the Globe and Mail homepageBy Jordan Press. Facing higher than average unemployment and a growing threat of bankruptcy, post-secondary students are lobbying the federal government this month for billions in new spending to help cover the cost of university and college education. Read more...

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13 février 2016

The high cost of higher education

eCampus NewsBy Sophie Quinton. Students who applied early to the University of New Hampshire will know by the end of the month if they were accepted. Then many would-be Wildcats will start biting their nails, waiting for their financial aid letter. More...

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12 février 2016

Four Percent

By Matt Reed. If a college’s enrollments drop by four percent, should we expect its instructional costs also to drop by four percent. More...

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30 janvier 2016

UK: NUS fight to #CutTheCosts

ESU - European Students' UnionSpiraling costs and deepening debt threaten to make education even more unequal than it already is. Despite the widespread recognition that debt was a significant cause of the 2008 crash, this government’s education system saddles students with massive personal debt.
NUS (with the help of a giant inflated piggy-bank!) are calling on the government to stop the scrapping of maintenance grants, the continued cuts to further education and to demand that politicians #CutTheCosts students face both today, and in the future. More...

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24 janvier 2016

Colleges need to come clean about their real costs

University Business LogoBy rbendici. For many years it was unusual to see even a monthly article on higher education in major newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. More...

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21 janvier 2016

Cost Share Shift

HomeBy Kellie Woodhouse. A new report from the Delta Cost Project reveals how much more heavily institutions rely on tuition dollars since the recession. Read more...

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19 janvier 2016

Seven university costs you probably haven't budgeted for

The Guardian homeBy . Even the savviest student will run up unexpected expenses at university. Here are some of the most common, and how you can avoid them. More...

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Students 'going without food' to meet costs of university

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQPxnNUZkzq1IINmqwJMRe0Mx9jmcJPvZ89WaflkoXFnHo0R2jfVuceEAwwBy Josie Gurney-Read. Nearly a third of students report going without food to cope with the costs of university, while one in ten admit stealing to make ends meet. Read more...

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