28 janvier 2017

On the cost of college food

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. If you’re wondering why college costs so much these days, take a look at the main dining hall at Wellesley College. More...

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27 janvier 2017

The cost of college depends greatly on geography, major

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. Colleges and universities are under significant pressure from college affordability advocates, and understandably so. More...

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Tougher stance towards overseas students 'could cost UK £2bn a year'

The Guardian homeBy. Potential gains from charging higher fees after Brexit would be wiped out if Home Office tightens visa numbers, says report. More...

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23 janvier 2017

Study Finds Variation in Costs by Different Majors

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Using data from Florida's public four-year colleges and universities, a new study released by the National Bureau of Economic Research (abstract available here) finds wide variation in the costs to institutions associated with various majors. More...

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The Cost of College: What happens when college costs spin out of control?

http://people.uis.edu/rschr1/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader.jpgHigher Ed Tech News and Research ~ Ray Schroeder, editor. Currently, there is a call for a more affordable college education, which makes sense. It comes on the heels of a recession that undercut the value of a college education. More...

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08 janvier 2017

S.C. residents eligible for in-state tuition at some colleges elsewhere

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. For South Carolina families considering out-of-state colleges, the higher tuition costs that out-of-state students typically face can deliver some real sticker shock. More...

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18 décembre 2016

Students: Dodging high textbook costs becoming art form

eCampus NewsBy Meris Stansbury. The sticker shock that comes when college students take a look at the latest course textbooks prices is leading to some creative and unusual remedies. More...

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17 décembre 2016

The high cost of pursuing a dream to be a veterinarian

The ConversationBy . A 2013 national survey of DVM graduates found the average debt for students was as high as US$162,113. This is similar to the average educational debt of $180,723 accrued by physicians in 2015. However, physicians have much higher lifetime earnings than veterinarians, making it easier for them to manage their debt. More...

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12 décembre 2016

Le coût de l'éducation en 2015 : près de 7 % du PIB consacrés à l'éducation, soit 147,8 milliards d'euros

education.gouv.frEn 2015, la dépense intérieure d’éducation (DIE), qui mesure l’effort consenti par la Nation pour le fonctionnement et le développement du système éducatif de la métropole et des DOM, est estimée à 147,8 milliards d’euros (Md€). Elle se répartit entre le premier degré pour 42,5 Md€ (28,8 %), le second degré pour 58,3 Md€ (39,4 %) et l’enseignement supérieur pour 30,1 Md€ (20,3 %) ; le reste finance la formation continue et extrascolaire à hauteur de 17,0 Md€ (11,5 %).
La dépense par élève ou étudiant s’élève à 8 440 euros en 2015, en hausse de 15 euros par rapport à 2014 et 430 euros par rapport à 2006 (en prix constants). L’évolution de la dépense par élève ou étudiant dépend du niveau d’enseignement, et est fonction de celle des effectifs et de la DIE. Elle croît dans le premier degré de 8,6 % sur la période 2006-2015, pour atteindre 6 190 euros en 2015 ; elle poursuit le redressement amorcé en 2012 et 2013 dans le second degré, en s’élevant à 8 510 euros au collège et 11 070 euros au lycée. Dans l’enseignement supérieur, la dépense moyenne par étudiant passe de 11 830 euros en 2014 à 11 680 euros en 2015. Voir l'article...

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09 décembre 2016

What would changes to Paid Parental Leave cost your family? Tell us your story!

By Susan Kenna. NTEU is preparing a submission to the Senate Committee inquiring into the Paid Parental Leave (PPL) Bill. We are including stories from our members. 
Please take the time to contribute your own story and let the Government know that no worker can afford to lose up to $12,000 and crucial time with their newborn. More...

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