27 juillet 2017

University rankings: good intentions, image polishing and more bureaucracy

The ConversationSome UK universities will be cheering, some groaning, after the release of rankings under the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). My own university received a silver, so we’re shrugging. Despite all these reactions, we don’t know if we can expect any impact on the quality of teaching. What we do know, however, is that it will lead to a large-scale image polishing, the mushrooming of rankings-related bureaucracy, judicious gaming of the new rules, and cynicism amongst professors and lecturers. More...

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Why ranking universities on graduate job prospects is a step in the right direction

The ConversationSome may argue it’s always wrong to try to evaluate something as complex as teaching. As an educationist – who knows just how complex teaching can be – I have some sympathy with this. More...

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TEF: everything you need to know about the new university rankings

The ConversationThe results of the new Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) have now been announced. Universities across the UK have been ranked gold, silver or bronze based on the quality of their teaching, learning and student experience. More...

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25 juillet 2017

Tempest in the Rankings Teapot

The reasons why the world, especially Africa, would be well served to ignore the rankings are numerous. More...

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24 juillet 2017

Trying to Understand 'U.S. News' Rankings for Best Undergraduate Teaching

By Joshua Kim. I want to make sure that I fully understand the methodology behind the U.S. News annual rankings for Best Undergraduate Teaching. More...

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13 juillet 2017

Universités. Rennes 1 entre dans le classement de Shangaï

Ouest-France, toute l’actualité locale et internationaleLe palmarès 2017 publié par le cabinet Shanghai ranking consultancy classe plus de 4 000 universités à travers le monde dans 52 disciplines académiques. L’université de Rennes figure dans le Top 75 mondial pour les mathématiques. 
L’université de Rennes 1 entre dans le classement de Shangaï, un palmarès très courru par les universités du monde entier. Elle apparaît dans 14 disciplines académiques. En particulier, les mathématiques rennaises se classent dans le top 75 mondial. Plus...

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12 juillet 2017

The new battlefront in university subject rankings

By Angel Calderon. Shanghai Ranking has opened a new battlefront in an already saturated rankings space. Released on 28 June, the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, produced by the same team that compiles the Academic Ranking of World Universities, allows 1,410 universities from 80 countries worldwide the right to boast about their academic successes. More...

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Shanghai ranking by subject opens a new battlefront in university rankings

By Brendan O'Malley – Managing Editor. In Commentary, Angel Calderon says the Shanghai ranking by subject has expanded significantly in the past year and has opened a new battlefront in an already saturated rankings space by ranking subjects based on research output, impact and prestige. The results suggest we will see an uplift in the overall standing of universities from China, Singapore and Malaysia over the next few years. Darren J McDermott highlights one noteworthy area where the Association of Southeast Asian Nations is making progress on Southeast Asian integration – the harmonisation of higher education, which he believes is ‘moving in the right direction‘. Eugene Sebastian says while new, less risky transnational education models are emerging, universities must continue to rely on a fundamental focus on the student experience as integral to any offshore strategy. And Jenni Case asks what higher education’s role is in the struggle for social justice in South Africa and how education researchers can broaden our understanding of contemporary problems.
   Also in Commentary, Caitríona Taylor encourages universities to make health and wellness a part of their institutional mission to deal with a growing global obesity crisis, particularly in the developing world where the younger generation is experiencing a growth in obesity rates. John Bassett believes now is the time to invite a dialogue with US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos about accreditation and quality oversight of higher education, while Mark Ashwill finds that Vietnamese students and their parents still view a US education favourably, despite poor ratings for US President Donald Trump.
   In World Blog this week, Ka Ho Mok says returning Chinese students get a competitive advantage from study abroad, but universities and governments need to be careful to ensure that the wider social benefits of international learning are understood and that those at home don’t miss out. More...

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11 juillet 2017

Experts respond to proposal to reform b-school rankings

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Rankings have become a central part of many colleges' admissions strategies -- even as many experts have questioned their validity and whether they help anyone except those organizations that produce them. The latest salvo in the fight over rankings came this month from 21 scholars at a range of business schools who have published a joint call to change the way business schools are ranked. More...

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09 juillet 2017

Les universités françaises en perte de vitesse sur la scène internationale

QS Quacquarelli Symonds, organisation spécialiste de l’analyse de l’enseignement supérieur, dévoile ce 8 juin son classement des universités internationales. Cette année encore, les facs et écoles françaises sont en perte de vitesse. Seule l’ENS parvient à s’illustrer dans le top 50. Plus...

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