20 septembre 2017

Chinese universities hit new heights in global ranking

By Brendan O'Malley. United Kingdom universities have taken the top two places in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for the first time in its 14-year history, with the University of Oxford holding onto top spot and the University of Cambridge jumping from fourth to second. More...

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Asian countries increase share of top 500 universities

By Brendan O'Malley. Overall, universities from the United States dominate with 48 top 100 universities and 135 top 500 universities. China has 57 top 500 universities and the United Kingdom has 38. In total, 18 universities enter the top 500 list for the first time. More...

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It’s time to take self-serving, flawed university rankings less seriously

By Sharon Dell – Africa Editor. In Africa Analysis this week, Damtew Teferra explains why it would be wise for the world, especially Africa, to ignore reputation-based global university rankings.
   In Africa Features, Wagdy Sawahel reports, on World Suicide Prevention Day, that the rising number of suicides among North African students and graduates has seen the spotlight turned onto the role of universities in supporting vulnerable students.
   In a Q&A, Munyaradzi Makoni interviews the new president of the Association of African Universities, Professor Orlando Antonio Quilambo, on his future plans and priorities.
   In Africa News, Gilbert Nganga writes about the current wave of interest from foreign funders in higher education infrastructural development in Kenya, while Sharon Dell highlights a recently launched survey to examine the conditions facing early career academics and researchers in Africa. More...

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19 septembre 2017

Focus on: Do international university rankings serve a useful purpose

European Commission logoFor a few years now, international university rankings, such as the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, the QS World University Rankings, and the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities, have been very influential in shaping university priorities and even government policy on higher education. But does the exercise of placing universities in a ranking order, like football teams in a league, make sense? Or would it be preferable to recognise, in the spirit of Simon Rattle's comment on orchestras, that higher education institutions all have different qualities. More...

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22 août 2017

Top 25 performers by selected indicators | 2017 edition

u multirank logoThese lists presents the U-Multirank 2017 top 25 performers by selected indicators from each of the five U-Multrank dimensions. In the first four dimensions we present institutional results; the list for teaching and learning refers to the subject rankings. Indicators included:

Dimension Research:
1.     Number of research publications (absolute number)
2.     Top cited publications
3.     Interdisciplinary research

Dimension Knowledge Transfer
4.     Co-publications with industrial partners
5.     Patents awarded (size-normlaliseded)
6.     Income from continuous professional development

Dimension International Orientation:
7.     Student mobilty
8.     International joint publications

Dimension Regional Engagment
9.     Regional joint publications

Dimension Teaching & Learning
10.     Still to come

While the lists are sorted by indicator scores in descending order, ties are possible and not marked. Hence the lists do not represent league tables.
For the full results, click HERE. More...

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Go behind the scenes and meet the partners of the world’s largest university ranking, U-Multirank

u multirank logoWhen talking about U-Multirank, the Bertelsmann Stiftung (Foundation) cannot be forgotten. Not only is the Bertelsmann Stiftung a partner of U-Multirank, but it is also a shareholder of the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) in Germany – one of the joint project leaders of U-Multirank, along with the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) and the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), both located in the Netherlands. U-Multirank and the Bertelsmann Stiftung are closely linked through Dr. Jörg Dräger, who is both, a member of the Bertelsmann Stiftung board and one of the two directors of the CHE. More...

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Ranking universities by interdisciplinary publications

u multirank logoOne of the indicators we regard as very innovative in U-Multirank – the largest university ranking in the world -  is the interdisciplinarity indicator. Its inclusion as one of the research indicators in these world raknings is driven by our aim to show an additional characteristic of an institution’s research. When people want to assess the research performance of a university they often look at bibliometric indicators such as citation rates, or the number of a university’s research publications that belong to the top 10% most frequently cited publications worldwide. While these are important indicators, there is more to research performance than just these. Important scientific discoveries these days often take place at the intersection of different disciplines. And many of today’s societal challenges are wicked problems that are multidisciplinary in character, requiring the use of methods and insights from several established disciplines. Studying global warming for example involves ecological systems, human behaviour, energy science, political science and more. More...

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21 août 2017

U-Multirank shines light on ‘hidden gem’ universities in latest release

u multirank logoU-Multirank, the largest global university ranking, has today published a major new release of data (www.umultirank.org) showcasing 1,500 universities and shining a spotlight on high-performing universities that would otherwise go unnoticed.
Now in its fourth year and involving more universities than ever before, U-Multirank has been able to identify ‘hidden gem’ universities that are bold new competitors on the world stage in a host of different areas. This allows students, universities, businesses, policy-makers and governments to make better informed comparisons of how universities worldwide perform. More...

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More than 100,000 students speak – teaching and learning matters!

u multirank logoU-Multirank, the largest global university ranking web tool surveyed more than 100,000 students on their opinions on teaching and learning for U-Multirank’s subject rankings, published this week.
U-Multirank’s subject rankings are the first subject rankings with a comprehensive focus on teaching and learning, providing a richer picture of excellence from traditional rankings that focus on research reputation. More...

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Université. La France décroche la 8e place dans le top 100 du classement de Shanghai 2017

Classée 7e dans le top 100 du classement de Shanghai l'an dernier, la France décroche la 8e place cette année. Seules 3 universités françaises sont présentes parmi les 100 premières universités : Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, Paris Sud et l'ENS, contre 48 pour les Etats-Unis et 9 pour le Royaume-Uni. Seuls 20 établissements français émergent du top 500, soit 2 fois moins que l'an dernier.
Source : http://www.gref-bretagne.com/Actualites/Revue-de-presse/Universite.-La-France-decroche-la-8e-place-dans-le-top-100-du-classement-de-Shanghai-2017

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