27 juin 2015

The Universitas 21 Rankings: Improvement for Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa

http://www.ireg-observatory.org/templates/sub_business2/images/ireg_top2013.pngThe Universitas 21 Ranking of Higher Education Systems, produced by the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social research, is an attempt to measure the comparative strength of national university systems. There are four groups of variables: Output, which includes articles, citations, performance in the Shanghai Jiao Tong University rankings, enrolment in higher education and graduate outcomes; Resources, based on several measures of expenditure; Connectivity, comprising international, Web and industry linkages and results of a survey; Environment, measured by female participation, data quality and responses to a survey. More...

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Leiden Ranking 2015

http://www.ireg-observatory.org/templates/sub_business2/images/ireg_top2013.pngCWTS Leiden University launched the Leiden Ranking 2015. The ranking measures the scientific performance of 750 major universities worldwide, using a sophisticated set of bibliometric indicators. It is presented via an intuitive and user-friendly website interface: www.leidenranking.com. CWTS takes great care in providing accurate ranking by thoroughly cleaning address data, unifying institute names and ensuring the completeness of the scientific output. More...

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Academic Reputation Study from Thomson Reuters

http://www.ireg-observatory.org/templates/sub_business2/images/ireg_top2013.pngFrom 2010 to 2014 Thomson Reuters cooperated with Times Higher Education (THE) to provide data for THE’s World University Rankings, including an academic reputation survey. THE and TR have now gone their separate ways and TR is continuing to collect survey data, which is now part of the Best Global Universities Rankings published by US News. More...

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24 juin 2015

Why Russia won’t rise fast up the global rankings

By Alex Usher. With the advent of Project 5-100, global university rankings have increased in importance in the Russian Federation. But while it is undeniably a good thing that there is a concerted effort to raise standards in Russian universities, there are a number of reasons why one should not expect them to show a rapid rise in the rankings. Read more...

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New regional rankings released – China leads in Asia

By Yojana Sharma. China’s universities have made strong progress in two Asia rankings released last week, while Saudi Arabia and Brazil dominate in QS’s Arab Region and Latin America rankings respectively. Read more...

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17 juin 2015

Classement : les #établissements d’#enseignement supérieur ont la cote sur LinkedIn

C’est Campus Communication qui révèle cette semaine son classement des établissements de l’enseignement supérieur en fonction de leur visibilité et leur popularité sur le réseau social LinkedIn. Découvrez les résultats de la catégorie universités et des écoles. Voir l'article...

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14 juin 2015

In ‘value-added’ college rankings, these public schools step up

By . In our new report, “Beyond College Rankings,” we score two- and four-year U.S. colleges by their “value-added,” meaning the degree to which students do better than expected given their personal characteristics and the kind of school it is. More...

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12 juin 2015

Classement des écoles d'ingénieurs spécialisées dans le numérique

lesmetiers.netPar Sandrine Damie. Chaque année le magazine L'Usine nouvelle réalise un classement des écoles d'ingénieurs prenant en compte 118 écoles dans son palmarès. Au sein de ce classement généraliste, il a également établi un classement des écoles d'ingénieurs spécialisées dans le numérique.
Ce classement porte sur 25 établissements français. Voir l'article...

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The Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2015

Asia University Rankings 2015 results - Times Higher EducationThe Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2015 are based on the same criteria as the THE World University Rankings, powered by Thomson Reuters. We judge world class universities across all of their core missions - teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

The top universities rankings employ 13 carefully calibrated performance indicators to provide the most comprehensive and balanced comparisons available, which are trusted by students, academics, university leaders, industry and governments.

Note: Universities that display a blue icon feature an enhanced institutional profile, which can be viewed by clicking the institution's name.

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11 juin 2015

2015 QS University Rankings: Arab Region

The first full university ranking for the Arab world includes institutions from 15 of the 21 countries eligible for the inclusion. Discover the top 100 universities moving towards internationalization in our brand new QS University Rankings: Arab Region.


  • Introduction to the QS University Rankings: Arab Region Report
  • Comparing ambitions: fast-evolving and diverse universities in the Arab world
  • QS University Rankings: Arab Region – Top 100
  • Reimagine Education Awards Ceremony 2015. More...

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