02 décembre 2019

LCI enters into major partnership deal with STB in Brazil

By Amy Baker. Global operator LCI Education, headquartered in Canada, has announced a significant strategic partnership with Brazilian education travel agency STB. More...

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30 novembre 2019

Google is expanding its IT support program to more community colleges

eCampus NewsThose aspiring to jobs in IT support could take advantage of expanded access to Google's IT Support Professional Certificate. More...

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Here’s why your college should create learner profiles

eCampus NewsRegistrars have long been advocates of student-centered policies and processes. However, the Registrar’s Office can also play a role in working with faculty to create a student-centered pedagogy. More...

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Why ‘Infinite Game’ Is a Business Book That Higher Ed People Might Actually Like

By Joshua Kim. If you want to make an academic upset, one of the fastest and most reliable methods is to apply the logic of business to the operations of academia. More...

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Getting My Head Around Noodle Partners

By Joshua Kim. Opinions seem to range from wildly negative (“The Creeping Capitalist Takeover of Higher Education”) to approvingly positive (“7 Questions for Trace Urdan on OPMs”). More...

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29 novembre 2019

The Bombshell That Wasn’t

By Barbara Fister. The Wall Street Journal seems shocked and appalled that Google modifies its search algorithms. Well, duh. More...

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How Facebook's Public Search Listing Could Empower Users

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. How Facebook's Public Search Listing Could Empower Users
Facebook is launching 'public profile' listings, which means that Facebook profiles will be searchable by Google and other search engines. Users can opt to keep their profiles private, though Facebook hasn't exactly been pushing that option. "This move transforms Facebook from being a social network to being quasi-White Pages of the Web," comments Om Malik. I'm wondering whether Facebook is trying to become thre de facto OpenID of the web - in direct competition with OpenID. More...

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28 novembre 2019

Time For Replacement Windows

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Time For Replacement Windows
Tim Stahmer quotes Dwight Silverman, and I agree, "Microsoft really has no choice - it can no longer support the ecosystem that has built up for so long. An attempt to add another layer will send it crashing, if that's not happening already. It's time to tear it down, and start again." I always expected this to happen when we moved from 32 bit to 64 bit processors. But it never happened. It took forever to get to that point (I wrote about it in 1998 and the 64 bit chips are just now coming into usage). More...

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Intro to QEDWiki

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Intro to QEDWiki
John Connell links to this engaging video introducing IBM's QEDWiki (Quick and Easily Done). What the video shows is how you can drag and drop various web services and applications into the editing area to create new mashups. More from IBM here and bundled with DB2. Oracle also has a bundle. QEDWiki is built on the Zend framework, a PHP environment that lets developers easily create maships and mashup engines. More...

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U.S. Teen Unlocks the iPhone

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. U.S. Teen Unlocks the iPhone
A 17 year-old student, armed with a soldering iron and a lot of caffeine, has figured out how to unlock the iPhone's exclusive deal with AT&T. He describes the method in detail on his blog. And here's the video announcing the discovery. There are also reports of software-only hacks (one of which Engadget absolutely swears by, as well as rumblings about legal action from AT&T, which probably won't amount to anything because there's nothing illegal about switching mobile phone providers. Me, I think the lessons in all this are pretty clear. More...

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