31 juillet 2018

Vice president for institutional advancement

University Business Magazine logoThe vice president for institutional advancement will be a strategic and valued fundraising leader and program builder who will thrive working in a non-traditional higher education environment. More...

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11 septembre 2016

The Death of Socrates: Managerialism, metrics and bureaucratisation in universities (AUR 58 02)

By Ian Dobson. Neoliberalism exults the ability of unregulated markets to optimise human relations. Yet, as David Graeber has recently illustrated, it is paradoxically built on rigorous systems of rules, metrics and managers. The potential transition to a market-based tuition and research-funding model for higher education in Australia has, not surprisingly, been preceded by managerialism, metrics and bureaucratisation (rendered hereafter as ‘MMB’) in the internal functioning of universities in the last decade. More...

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06 juillet 2016

More bureaucracy please?

Like businesses, universities often complain about the bureaucracy imposed upon them. Soon there will be an extra layer: the Teaching Excellent Framework (TEF). The TEF will have metrics, benchmarks, contextual information and up to 15 pages of ‘provider submission’. From 2019/20 there is also expected to be a discipline-level TEF, adding at least a further two or three pages submission per discipline.
While the sector should welcome the TEF – and the opportunity it offers to demonstrate our high-quality teaching – its bureaucratic implications should give pause for thought. Fortunately, through the ongoing TEF consultation, the sector can express its views. But, worryingly, many seem to be arguing for ‘more bureaucracy please’. More...

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09 mai 2016

Rankings should be used to increase quality for all

By Erich Dietrich and Rahul Choudaha. Arun Jaitley, India’s finance minister, announced the creation of a new 'Higher Education Financing Agency', or HEFA, in his budget speech on 29 February. Through this mechanism, he argued, an “enabling regulatory architecture will be provided to 10 public and 10 private institutions to emerge as world-class teaching and research institutions”. Read more...

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03 avril 2016

Tell Us Your Academic-Bureaucracy Horror Story

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/Ticker%20revised%20round%2045.gifBy . Being a professor involves a lot of paperwork. Being an administrator involves even more. Filling out charmless forms according to a set of seemingly arbitrary specifications can be tedious, even overwhelming. And the managers above aren’t having any fun, either. More...

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23 février 2015


Von Michelle Janetschek. Kaum etwas im Studium kostet so viel Kraft wie der Kampf mit der Bürokratie. Vier Geschichten – und was man tun kann. Mehr...

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