30 janvier 2016

ESU at Moldova BFUG Advisory group “Support for the Belarus roadmap”

ESU - European Students' UnionOn the 19th of January in Chisinau, Moldova BFUG Advisory group “Support for the Belarus roadmap” held its first meeting. ESU is a member of the group together with representatives from Belarus, Council of Europe, EI/ETUCE, European Commission, France, Germany, Holy See, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and United Kingdom. More...

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Bologna Process 2015-2018: BFUG working groups kick off

The year 2015 saw the beginning of the new phase of the Bologna Process (2015-2018). After the Ministerial Meeting in Yerevan, Armenia in May 2015, the first appointment of the Bologna Follow-up Group (BFUG) took place in Luxembourg on 8-9 September where an agreement on the Work Programme was reached. More...

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11 janvier 2016

Brexit is not just about funding

By Anne Corbett. There are a few surprises about the European Union policy scene in higher education and research. Out of the limelight of European Council and leaders’ summits, these are domains where the trend of the past decade has been to closer and almost uncontested European integration – linked to the European Research Area managed by the EU, and to the European Higher Education Area as a platform for best practice and capacity building, which is managed by the intergovernmental Bologna Process and supported by the European Commission. Read more...

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27 décembre 2015

ESU hosts meeting of all co-chairs of the BFUG working group

ESU - European Students' UnionOn 17th December, the European Students' Union hosted a meeting of the co-chairs of all the Bologna Follow-Up Group (BFUG) working groups and advisory groups. The main purpose of the meeting was to plan working group actions and to draw a draft roadmap for implementation for the period 2015-2018. During this time, ESU will be co-chairing the working group on "New Goals - Policy Development for new EHEA goals", together with EI/ETUCE, France, Sweden and the Russian Federation. More...

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04 novembre 2015

The Bologna Process and its withering political salience

The ninth and latest ministerial conference of the Bologna Process earlier this year in Yerevan was one of these events where the European higher education community likes to celebrate itself for all of its achievements during the last 17 years of close policy coordination. This positive assessment was shared by most of the press reports that followed the meeting. Anne Corbett, for example, reported in the Times Higher Education that contrary to the “conventional wisdom” that the Bologna Process is no longer of interest for ministers and is left to technocrats and stakeholder organizations, the meeting in Yerevan was characterized by deft ministerial diplomacy, especially with regard to the admission of Belarus into the process. More...

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20 octobre 2015

Processus de Bologne : le rapport Trends 2015 dessine un horizon pour le système universitaire européen

Septième édition du rapport Trends : le 14 octobre dernier, Lesley Wilson, Secrétaire Générale de l’EUA et Andrée Sursock, ancienne Secrétaire Adjointe de l’EUA, ont présenté dans les locaux de la CPU l’étude visant à analyser, au niveau européen, la mise en place et les impacts du processus de Bologne sur les différents systèmes nationaux d’enseignement supérieur ces 5 dernières années. Pour le site de la CPU, elles reviennent sur l’édition 2015 qui pointe du doigt les convergences et les divergences entre les différents systèmes et apporte des éléments de réflexion pour la poursuite du processus de Bologne.
CPU : Quels sont les objectifs et les enjeux de la réalisation de ce rapport ?
Andrée Sursock : Comme pour les éditions précédentes, le rapport Trends 2015 reflète la perception des établissements d’enseignement supérieur de leur environnement. Cette édition s’est basée sur les réponses de 451 établissements issus de 46 pays différents. Voir l'article...

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30 août 2015

Higher education reform – On the slow road to Bologna

By Ielyzaveta Shchepetylnykova. For more than 20 years, countries in the European Higher Education Area have been working towards establishing a common education and research space. However, the Bologna agreement has become a 47-speed process with each of its member states progressing at a different pace. Read more...

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29 août 2015

Annual conference and XXVII anniversary of the Magna Charta Universitatum

Logo BolognaOn 18 September 1988, in the presence of many political leaders and representatives of society, 388 rectors signed the Magna Charta Universitatum. That document remains as relevant to the mission of universities everywhere as it was when it was first signed. It has become the major reference for the fundamental values and principles of the university and over 750 university leaders from all over the world have now signed it. Each year the Magna Charta Observatory organises an international conference to address current challenges in upholding the fundamental values and celebrates in a ceremony as more rectors sign the Magna Charta Universitatum. The 2015 conference and ceremony take place on 17 and 18 September in Bologna.
The theme of the conference is Values Beyond 2015: The Global Challenge for Universities and their Students. It looks at the significance of and challenges to the fundamental values as they impact on students in different parts of the world today and what universities might do to uphold their values, often in difficult and rapidly changing circumstances in the future.
Well known international speakers will provide perspectives and lead discussions and participants from universities around the world will be able to engage closely through a wide range of focused small group discussions. Details can be found in the conference programme.
The conference is open to university leaders and their representatives, higher education professionals and students, policy-makers and higher education stakeholders from all sectors to attend the event. Its purpose is to enable them to respond more effectively to the challenges which they face and anticipate and strengthen their universities’ capability to uphold fundamental values for the benefit of their students, society and their university communities.
On 18 September, the Magna Charta Observatory and the University of Bologna will host the Ceremony for the Signing of the Magna Charta by universities committed to the principles of the Universitatum. More...

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Magna Charta events - Annual conference and XXVII anniversary celebrations of the Magna Charta Universitatum

Logo BolognaThe Magna Charta Universitatum is a document signed by the Rectors of most European Universities, when they gathered in Bologna to celebrate the Alma Mater’s 900th Anniversary in 1988. It was drafted as a way to encourage strong bonds among universities, and to state some of their fundamental values, such as independence and autonomy in both education and research.Originating in Europe, the signatories to the Charta have expanded to countries all over the world, with universities from Asia, Africa and America – North, Central and South.

The Magna Charta Universitatum Observatory27th Anniversary event websiteOn September 17th and 18th 2015 Bologna will host the celebrations for the Magna Charta 27th Anniversary.
In order to take part, it is essential to register here by September 2nd.
Magna Charta event programme. More...

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Annual conference and XXVII anniversary of the Magna Charta Universitatum

Logo BolognaAnnual conference and XXVII anniversary of the Magna Charta Universitatum
from 17 to 18 September 2015
Aula Absidale Santa Lucia, Via de’ Chiari 25a - Bologna 
The 2015 conference and ceremony take place on 17th and 18th September in Bologna. Registrations close: September 2nd, 2015.
Check the Event website: https://eventi.unibo.it/27th-magnacharta-anniversary. More...

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