24 décembre 2018

Le diplôme d'Architecte

Campus France logoThere are nearly 30,000 architects in France. The country’s Écoles Nationales Supérieures d’Architecture (ENSA) together enroll approximately 19,000 students, 12% of whom are from outside France. The share of women in ENSA enrollments continues to grow, standing presently at 57%. About 85% of graduates find employment in the field. Postsecondary studies in architecture cover the range of disciplines necessary for the carrying out of architectural projects in cities as well as landscapes. Plus...

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Le diplôme d'Architecte

Campus France logoFrancia cuenta con cerca de 30 000 arquitectos. Las Escuelas Nacionales Superiores de Arquitectura (ENSA) francesas reciben a cerca de 19 000 estudiantes de los cuales el 12% son extranjeros. La tasa de feminización de la población de los ENSA está en constante progresión con el 57% de estudiantes. La tasa de inserción de los diplomados es del 85% aproximadamente. Los estudios de arquitectura cubren la diversidad de los campos disciplinarios necesarios para la elaboración de proyectos tanto arquitectónicos, urbanos como también paisajísticos. Plus...

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Le diplôme d'Architecte

Campus France logoLa France compte près de 30 000 architectes. Les Écoles Nationales Supérieures d’Architecture (ENSA) françaises accueillent environ 19 000 étudiants dont 12 % d’étrangers. Le taux de féminisation de la population des ENSA est en constante progression avec 57 % d’étudiantes. Le taux d’insertion des diplômés est de 85 % environ. Les études d’architecture couvrent la diversité des champs disciplinaires nécessaires à l’élaboration de projets tant architecturaux, urbains que paysagers. Plus...

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18 décembre 2018

Pinnacle Lighting Group, Wofford College campus’ landscape and architectural lighting reveal celebration

University Business Magazine logoOn Wednesday, October 17, 2018, at 7:30 pm, Wofford College revealed and celebrated their new landscape and architectural outdoor lighting, designed and installed by Pinnacle Lighting Group. More...

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13 décembre 2018

IMS Publishes Service Oriented Architecture Whitepaper

Open Source Enterprise Weblogging
Derek Morrison explores the mysteries of WordPress MU installation, and that he is up to part three suggests that there are mysteries aplenty. WordPress is an open source blogging application; the 'MU' stands for 'Multi User' and allows an enterprise - such as a university - to allow multiple users to create blogs. More...

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30 novembre 2018

The Role of Web Services Registries in Service Oriented Architecture

The Role of Web Services Registries in Service Oriented Architecture
Good introduction to the concept. Outlines the use of different types of registries systems within a web services environment and identifies market leaders. More...

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20 novembre 2018

Frameworks and Technical Architectures

Frameworks and Technical Architectures
This presentation provides a really nice look at what may be called 'common services' - network services that are shared by providers and form the back-end support for user interfaces such as portals or learning management systems. More...

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26 octobre 2018

Primer: Event-Driven Architecture

Primer: Event-Driven Architecture
The focus of this article isn't exactly what I'd like, but it does provide a useful heads-up regarding the emerging idea of "event-driven architecture." Basically, the idea is that a computer system responds to changing external events rather than human input. More...

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28 septembre 2018

Dreamers and disrupters: the best art and architecture of autumn 2018

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianOld and new masters reveal their radical edge, Assemble unveil their Goldsmiths galleries, Fernand Léger seeks utopia, and photography focuses on the facts. More...

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23 août 2018

'The Nix' As a Chronicle of the Campus Brutalist Architectural Fad

By Joshua Kim. Do you have giant concrete buildings on your campus. More...

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