11 janvier 2013

Downturn Still Squeezes Colleges and Universities

New York TimesBy Andrew Martin. An annual survey of colleges and universities found that a growing number of schools face declining enrollment and less revenue from tuition. The survey, released by the credit ratings agency Moody’s Investors Service on Thursday, found that nearly half of colleges and universities that responded expected enrollment declines for full-time students, and a third of the schools expected tuition revenue to decline or to grow at less than the rate of inflation.
“The cumulative effects of years of depressed family income and net worth, as well as uncertain job prospects for many recent graduates, are combining to soften student market demand at current tuition prices,” Emily Schwarz, a Moody’s analyst and lead author of the report, said in a statement. Read more...

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Career colleges raise concerns about student visa reforms

Canada.comBy Tobi Cohen. OTTAWA — A lack of clarity from the federal government on whether career colleges will still be allowed to accept international students starting in 2014 is prompting seven of them to pull out of an important spring trade show in China.
Serge Buy, chief executive of the National Association of Career Colleges, said he can’t, in good conscience, send a delegation of career colleges to the March event if the schools aren’t going to be able to accept Chinese students for much longer.
“We were approved by the Canadian government to go. We were approved by the Chinese government to go and we were going and now, poof, gone,” Buy said Wednesday.
“I cannot go and take money from our association and attend a trade show when we may be shut out at the end of year.” Read more...

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10 janvier 2013

Universities open campuses in foreign countries, with mixed results

By Rosanna Tamburri. Canadian schools have faced delays and slower than expected growth in enrolment.
The few canadian postsecondary institutions to establish overseas branch campuses in recent years have met with mixed success, demonstrating how tricky it can be to navigate these foreign waters. Those that have taken the plunge include the University of Calgary, which operates a nursing school in Qatar; York University’s Schulich School of Business, which plans to build a business school in India; and the University of Waterloo, which just announced the pending closure of its Dubai campus.
The University of Calgary-Qatar (UCQ) held its third convocation ceremony in November, where a dozen students, all female, received their bachelor of nursing degrees. It marked a major turnaround for the Doha-based institution. Some 40 students have graduated since UCQ opened its doors in 2007, and 50 more are expected to do so next year. Enrolment stands at about 300 students and is expected to reach 400 next year. Early in 2013, the school plans to launch a master’s program. But success has been slow to come, admitted Dru Marshall, U of C provost and vice-president, academic. Read more...

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Colleges Lose Pricing Power

By Michael Corkery. The demand for four-year college degrees is softening, the result of a perfect storm of economic and demographic forces that is sapping pricing power at a growing number of U.S. colleges and universities, according to a new survey by Moody's Investors Service.
Facing stagnant family income, shaky job prospects for graduates and a smaller pool of high-school graduates, more schools are reining in tuition increases and giving out larger scholarships to attract students, Moody's concluded in a report set to be released Thursday. Read more...

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04 janvier 2013

Students’ petition asks for new Maclean’s university ranking based on ethical investments

the-montreal-gazette1By Karen Seidman. A group of graduates has launched a petition hoping to persuade Maclean’s Magazine to include a new ranking for universities based on ethical investments in an effort to push universities to reconsider how they invest their endowment funds. After just one week being posted online, the petition already has 5,000 signatures from students across the country.
“We think Maclean’s has a lot of clout and universities are worried about how they’re viewed,” said Elysia Petrone, a Thunder Bay resident and one of the organizers of the petition which was started by three recent university graduates. “This could force universities to divest from investments in fossil fuels and tobacco.”
In 2007, after a year of petitioning and deliberation, the University of Toronto became the first university in Canada to divest from the tobacco industry, after intense opposition from students on campus. To sign the petition, go to change.org/macleans. Read more...

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03 janvier 2013

Deferring Six Figures on Wall Street for Teacher’s Salary

By Scott Eidler. Four years after the financial crisis, Wall Street hiring has remained weak, and many college graduates have searched for jobs and even careers in other fields. In the last several years, hundreds of such would-be finance professionals and management consultants have taken their high-powered ambitions and spreadsheet modeling skills to the classroom.
Teach for America
, the 22-year-old nonprofit organization that recruits high-achieving college graduates to teach in some of the nation’s poorest schools for two years, in particular has garnered renewed interest among the business-oriented set. Teach for America says that its 2012 class contained about 400 recent graduates with a major in business or economics. Of those with professional experience, about 175 worked in finance.
Those participants include Zachary Dearing, 23, a recent graduate of M.I.T. Two summers ago, he was an intern at McKinsey & Company, and the year before, Goldman Sachs.

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Education in Colombia: Is There a Role for the Private Sector?

http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/templates/images/leaderbg.gifBy Andre Izecson de Carvalho, Yiwen Looi, Fabio Saad and Joseph Sinatra. In recent years, the government of Colombia has faced several obstacles in its attempts to catalyze socioeconomic progress, not the least of which has been working to end a drug war and regain control of most of the territory that had been lost to guerrilla groups. However, as Colombia enters a phase of economic stability and growth, it faces yet another enormous challenge: offering high-quality education to its citizens.
All education systems share a common goal: to give their citizen-beneficiaries broad access to a quality education. Other cultural and structural similarities notwithstanding, the Colombian education system stands in stark contrast to most other Latin American countries. In Colombia, for-profit education is forbidden by law. Consequently, the task of providing access to quality education lies exclusively in the hands of the government and private, not-for-profit institutions. Given this scenario and the experience of other emerging economies, is there an opportunity for Colombia to reexamine the role of the private sector in its quest to continue improving educational quality and access? Read more...

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02 janvier 2013

Conn. Officials Investigate Closures of Career-Training Schools

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/the-ticker-nameplate.gifBy Nick DeSantis. Officials with Connecticut’s Office of Higher Education are investigating the abrupt closures of three branches of the Sawyer School, a for-profit career-training institution whose main campus is in Rhode Island. The schools are owned by Academic Enterprises Inc., a Rhode Island corporation. Sawyer’s president wrote in an e-mail that it had suspended operations and called off classes that were scheduled to resume this week. The school’s campus in Providence, R.I., has also closed, according to the Providence Journal. Read more...

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Members of Presidents’ Round Table Confront Challenges on Diverse Campuses

DiverseBy Sam Fullwood III. In an age of increasing pressures on the future workforce, the Presidents’ Round Table, a network of African-American community college presidents and chief executives, seeks to meet the demand for supplying and training the next generation of educated employees for the evolving job picture. Among its varied goals, the Round Table works to empower and provide community college leaders with the skills to keep the nation’s community colleges viable.
To get a glimpse into the of the needs and stresses facing community college leaders, Diverse: Issues In Higher Education spoke with two of the Round Table’s leaders: Dr. Andrew C. Jones, chancellor of Coast Community College District in Southern California and convener of the Round Table, and Dr. Charlene M. Dukes, president of the Prince Georges Community College in suburban Maryland, outside of Washington, D.C., who is secretary of the Round Table. Read more...

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31 décembre 2012

Tuition policies that address affordability and retention

University Business LogoBy UB Custom Publishing Group. By offering actively managed tuition payment plans, Nelnet Business Solutions helps colleges stabilize enrollment, increase collections and improve customer service. The issues of affordability and retention challenge colleges to develop sustainable tuition policies that address the current economic climate yet educate students on the importance of paying their tuition bills on a timely basis. This web seminar, originally broadcast on October 16, 2012, discussed how Nelnet’s solutions, combined with tighter school fiscal policy, can help students meet their tuition obligations even if they do not receive all the financial aid they anticipated. Michigan’s Kellogg Community College explained how they use Nelnet’s Pending Aid plan to decrease outstanding student receivables even when faced with increasing enrollment and rising tuition costs. Read more...

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