24 mai 2014

The Laureate

Blog Educpros de Jacques Igalens. « The Laureate » ce n’est pas ce magnifique film dans lequel Dustin Hoffman se fait draguer par Mme Robinson (sur un air de Simon & Garfunkel), en VO le film a pour titre « the Graduate » et c’est en VF qu’il est devenu le lauréat… En revanche, Laureate c’est une puissante société privée qui a son siège à Baltimore (Maryland), qui a pour Président d’honneur Bill Clinton et qui se définit comme travaillant dans l’industrie de l’éducation. Suite de l'article...

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Sweeping reforms set to end for-profit education in Chile

The ConversationBy Cristián Bellei. Chile’s newly re-elected president Michelle Bachelet has announced a radical set of educational reforms that are set to review the country’s market-based approach to primary and secondary education. Bachelet’s reforms – aimed at dismantling a series of neoliberal policies put in place in the early 1980s – will be paid for by an overhaul of the tax system. More...

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Treatment, Not Trigger Warnings

By . As an assistant professor of German literature at Princeton University, I once taught a class about how Germans understood World War II and the Holocaust in the postwar period. Several weeks into the course, an Orthodox Jewish student came to my office hours to tell me how troubled she was by the material, which she had not realized would be included in the course. She felt that the Holocaust should only be discussed in a sacred context and had avoided taking classes on the topic taught by secular academics. As a theological question, I cannot say whether she made the right choice, but she decided to stay and became one of the most thoughtful participants in the class. Her perspective added greatly to the education of the other students. More...

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My Syllabus, With Trigger Warnings

By . Introduction to United States History
Tu-Th, 2:15-3:45 pm
J. Zimmerman
This course will explore the main themes, trends, and dilemmas in the history of the United States. In accord with our college’s new policy on trigger warnings, I have affixed a cautionary note to each week’s topic. If the topic threatens to provoke feelings of trauma or panic in you, please inform me beforehand and I will excuse you from class. I’m looking forward to learning together in a safe environment!
I. Puritan New England: Fair warning to Quakers and Catholics. More...

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Applying for Aid May Be a Barrier for Returning Students, Too

By . Researchers have known for years that applying for financial aid is a hurdle on the path to college. So there’s been a big push to get more high-school seniors to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, knows as the Fafsa, which is used to determine aid eligibility by the federal government as well as many states and colleges. Students have to refile the Fafsa annually, but much less attention has been paid to how the application process works after the first year. A new paper, “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? Investigating Rates and Patterns of Financial Aid Renewal Among College Freshmen,” explores the issue using a nationally representative federal data set. More...

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How American Universities Turned Into Corporations

By . A profitable student loan market has fueled an arms race among colleges and universities, along with an astronomic rise in tuition that seeks to capture the student loan dollar through increasing fees.
College graduation season is here, and that means students should be celebrating their hard-earned educations. But have you seen the headlines being made by many of our nation’s campuses lately?
On Monday, you could read about a new study of public universities showing that schools with the highest presidential salaries also had the fastest-growing student debt. More...

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Higher ed procurement co-ops branch out

http://www.universitybusiness.com/sites/default/files/UB-blue-header_3_0.pngBy Stefanie Botelho. When it became clear that the scientific equipment in hundreds of labs across the University of Pittsburgh campus was not being maintained effectively, professionals in the university procurement department began looking for a new provider to do the job. More...

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Missteps that make college costs skyrocket

http://www.universitybusiness.com/sites/default/files/UB-blue-header_3_0.pngBy Sonya Stinson. As costly as tuition and textbooks can be, poor planning and time management can raise the prices even higher. Richard O’Connor, director of financial aid at American International College in Massachusetts, says students at that institution have several options for saving on books. More...

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Money missteps on campus

http://www.universitybusiness.com/sites/default/files/UB-blue-header_3_0.pngBy Sonya Stinson. From managing loans to controlling spending, many college students find themselves dealing with a host of financial responsibilities for the very first time. And it’s not uncommon for them to trip up. Campus financial literacy programs can help students steer clear of some of their most common financial mistakes. The challenge for educators is to find creative and clever ways to get their attention. More...

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On Being Barefoot in Appalachia

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/large/public/CRW.jpgBy Lee Skallerup Bessette. It’s the last week of school, and the sky has suddenly opened up during just before the time when students are trying to make their way to class. My students are coming into class barefoot, largely because they were wearing flip-flops or flats that got soaked or, worse, floated away in the heavy streams of water rushing through campus. I think of this incident when I read this recent piece on Appalachian and other poor, white, rural students. Read more...

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