30 mai 2014

Northwestern Issues Report on One of Its Founder's Links to Massacre of Native Americans

HomeNorthwestern University on Thursday released an independently prepared report on one of its founders, John Evans, and his links to mistreatment of Native Americans when he was governor of the Colorado Territory. The report concludes that there is no evidence Evans helped plan the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre. The study was commissioned in part because Native American students and others said it would be inappropriate for the university to continue to honor someone linked to that massacre of Native AmericansRead more...

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U.S. Senator Ups The Ante In Dispute With Higher Ed Group

HomeSenator Clare McCaskill on Thursday stepped up pressure on a top higher education lobbying group to turn over copies of a presentation that advised colleges on how to respond to her survey on campus sexual violence. The Democratic lawmaker sent a letter to the American Council on Education on Thursday that said the group should either provide the webinar materials she previously requested or offer a legal justification for its refusal to hand over the documents. Read more...

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29 mai 2014

Many Comments, Few Surprises

HomeBy Michael Stratford and Paul Fain. As the public comment period for the U.S. Department of Education’s proposed “gainful employment” regulations ended last night, the department had received thousands of comments, most of which argued either that the rules go too far or that they don't go far enoughRead more...

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Why They Stay or Leave

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. The main sources of dissatisfaction for international undergraduate students at U.S. institutions relate to finances, according to new research on retention released today at the annual NAFSA: Association of International Educators conferenceRead more...

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Complexities of Cuban Study Abroad

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. There’s no place like Cuba, at least as far as study abroad is concerned. That was a main takeaway of a session here at the NAFSA: Association of International Educators conference on things U.S. universities should consider in offering study abroad programs in Cuba. Read more...

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Colleges Rattled as Obama Seeks Rating System

New York TimesBy The college presidents were appalled. Not only had President Obama called for a government rating system for their schools, but now one of his top education officials was actually suggesting it would be as easy as evaluating a kitchen applianceRead more...

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Ignorance shown about academic freedom at U of S

By Len Findlay. Findlay is a professor of English at the University of Saskatchewan, and chair of the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee, Canadian Association of University Teachers. Lawrie McFarlane (Academic freedom misunderstood in Canada, SP May 23) remains as ignorant today about academic freedom as he was when he was deputy minister of advanced education in the 1980s.
Indeed, he now seems even more bent on reducing such freedom to a political alibi and bureaucratic toy, seeking to trump a key set of rights and responsibilities via appeals to corporate loyalty and executive obedience. More...

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Building a Knowmad Society in Ecuador

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Building a Knowmad Society in Ecuador
John W. Moravec, Education Futures, May 28, 2014
I think this is an ambitious plan and wonder how it will impact the work that follows: "The project seeks to encourage horizontalized, peer-to-peer exchange and the development of activities that will promote extending learning beyond formal education. Nine three-day workshops will cover each regional division of Ecuador. An online platform will facilitate further discussion, and the outputs from the workshops and online activities will be fed into a data analysis process that will inform the creation of a white paper on transforming Ecuadorian education for a 'knowmadic' society." More...

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Defending Commencement Protest

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Defending Commencement Protest
Michael Rushmore, Inside Higher Ed, May 28, 2014
I have never attended any of my graduation ceremonies and have no idea who spoke at them. I would probably have disapproved; I think that universities often celebrate the wrong people (the selection for this year's University of Calgary speakers makes my point: the outgoing Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, a science journalist, the CEO of the Calgary Stampede, and an executive in the grain and energy industries). But simply skipping graduation is not an option for many students, and given that they're being dragged into association with the speakers, they do have, they believe, the right to make a statement about that selection. More...

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25 mai 2014

Le Brésil, curieusement oublié par les étudiants

Blog Focus Campus de Jean-Claude Lewandowski. Environ 17.000 supporters français sont attendus au Brésil pour la prochaine Coupe du monde. Les étudiants de l'Hexagone, eux, sont beaucoup moins nombreux à s'intéresser au Brésil...
Dans la course à l'international, certaines destinations sont nettement plus prisées que d'autres. Par les étudiants de l'Hexagone, que ce soit pour y partir en échange ou y pour y effectuer un stage. Mais aussi par les professeurs et les patrons d'écoles ou d'universités, pour y nouer des accords de partenariat, voire y implanter des campus. Suite...

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