28 juillet 2014


http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/provost.jpg?itok=k-3W3N__By Herman Berliner. The article on parking in the July 23rd issue of IHE immediately caught my attention. I oversee one well located parking lot for administrators on campus and there is always significant interest in getting the OK to park in that lot.  The article in IHE and the preceding presentation at the National Association of College and University Business Officers talked about the merits of “demand-based parking” where “the best spots near the center of the campus and high-traffic buildings would cost the most and spots in the hinterlands would cost less.” Read more...

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Adjuncts Urge Labor Dept. Inquiry Into Working Conditions

HomeMore than 500 adjunct professors and their advocates have signed a petition calling for the U.S. Department of Labor to investigate their working conditions. The petition's authors, all current or former adjuncts at various colleges and universities, allege that they are being paid for only part of the work they do, and that that amounts to wage theft. Read more...

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Senate Panel Boosts Pentagon Research, Curbs Funding to For-Profits

HomeThe Senate Appropriations Committee last week passed a bill to fund the Defense Department that would increase the Pentagon's basic research budget and also place new restrictions on the flow of federal dollars to for-profit colleges. The $549.3 billion funding measure, which lawmakers on the panel approved last Thursday, includes a 5 percent increase in funding for Department of Defense basic research. Read more...

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Baby Steps for Higher Ed Act

HomeBy Michael Stratford. The U.S. House on Wednesday unanimously passed legislation boosting competency-based education and overwhelmingly approved an overhaul of how the Education Department discloses college data. Read more...

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27 juillet 2014

Dropping Profit

HomeBy Paul Fain. These are hard days for most for-profit colleges. Declining revenues and an ongoing regulatory crackdown has led to speculation that some in the sector -- including one of the major, publicly traded companies -- will go nonprofit to get out of the crosshairs. Yet that transition isn’t easy or practical for most for-profits. Just four have successfully changed their tax status in recent years, sources said. Read more...

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Dropping the Ball?

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. The Common Core State Standards Initiative is supposed to prepare K-12 students for higher education -- but college and university faculty members and administrators remain largely removed from planning and rolling out these new assessments and standards. So argues a new paper from the New American Foundation, which urges colleges and universities to get involved in the Common Core to ensure the program ends up doing what it was supposed to do. Read more...

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Shrinking Cal State Online

HomeBy Carl Straumsheim. The California State University System is replacing its distance education portal with a shared services model less than two years after its launch, as the system’s campuses decide they would rather do the work on their own. The system founded Cal State Online in 2012 in response to dual concerns. Read more...

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Affordable Options

HomeBy Jake New. Intensive advising programs can result in significant savings for low-income students going to college, according to a new research paper, but many high schools lack the sort of resources the paper discusses. Read more...

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Renewed Push on Job Training

HomeBy Michael Stratford. President Obama took steps to overhaul federal job training programs on Tuesday, announcing new executive actions and signing new workforce investment legislation. The legislation reauthorizes a federal law that provides states and municipalities with money for job training. Read more...

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Don't Send Your Kid to the Ivy League

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Don't Send Your Kid to the Ivy League
William Deresiewicz, http://www.newrepublic.com/article/118747/ivy-league-schools-are-overrated-send-your-kids-elsewhere, Jul 24, 2014
As I commented on Twitter the other day, I rarely agree with what I read in New Republic, but this article hits much more than it misses. So while you shouldn't consider this post to be a blanket endorsement of everything in the article, it is certainly recommended. More...

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