27 novembre 2014

Ibero-American Labor Ministers Discuss Quality Education

Quality education to tackle current and future work challenges, especially regarding the young, has become a key issue at the 3rd Ibero-American Labor Ministers Meeting, participants said.
The two-day conference started on Tuesday in the Mexican seaside resort of Cancun and is attended by labor ministers from 21 countries. More...

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26 novembre 2014

Some Colleges May Use the FAFSA in Unexpected Ways

By . Listing a school first on the FAFSA indicates that a student is more likely to enroll, say experts. College applicants can demonstrate their desire to attend a school by visiting campus, interviewing with admissions counselors and following up on their applications. But they may not know that colleges can gauge their intent to enroll through a little-known method – analyzing an innocuous, nonfinancial question on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. More...

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The Added Value of Small Independent Colleges

businessBy . High school seniors across the country will soon be making one of the most important choices of their lives: where to go to college. Questions will swirl in their heads -- What is the best college for me? Can I afford it? Will I do well there? Will it prepare me for a career once I graduate? Read more...

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Community College Professors, Staff Say No To 'Transform'

By . The state's largest union representing Community College faculty and staff voted Saturday not to endorse the state's "Transform CSCU 2020" plan in its current form. Delegates from the Congress of Connecticut Community Colleges -- known as "The 4C's" -- met Saturday and adopted a resolution that was passed last week by the Faculty Advisory Committee to the state Board of Regents for Higher Education. More...

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Dropping Out, Again: Why So Many College Students Never Graduate

NBC NewsBy . A decade ago, then-18-year-old Sophia Stoll resolved that she wanted to go away for college. The working-class New Yorker enrolled in a private Catholic university outside of Pittsburgh, but by her junior year, she’d realized that the media and technology program didn’t suit her goals. Stoll dropped out, worked odd jobs for a year back home, then transferred to SUNY-Fredonia. But she ended up suffering from extreme anxiety, she says, and withdrew after a semester. More...

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How Can Community Colleges Get a Piece of the Billions That Donors Give to Higher Education?

The New York TimesBy . Last year at its annual gala, LaGuardia Community College, arguably the most ethnically diverse college in the country, honored Marilyn Skony Stamm, the chief executive of a global heating and air-conditioning business. A child of the South Side of Chicago who had gone to Northwestern on scholarship, Ms. Stamm maintained a committed interest in education and joined LaGuardia’s foundation board six years ago, proving herself a skilled networker for an institution with minimal capacity for soliciting money. More...

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For-profit universities are not inherently bad

The Boston GlobeBy Barry Bozeman and Derrick Anderson. It is with good reason that for-profit universities have become in recent years a punching bag for the Federal Trade Commission, state government boards of inquiry, assorted litigants, and the media. Today’s for-profit universities are largely inhabited by short-sighted leaders who make lofty claims about vocationally relevant education while at the same time milking the working poor, the harried single parent, the returning veteran, and, particularly, the possessor of government loans. More...

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How Colleges Bend the Rules to Keep Their State Funding

By . Public universities are gaming their admissions and grading systems so they can hang on to state funding under strict new standards, a new study shows. After some states enacted regulations that tie funding for community and public colleges to the academic success of their students, many schools began denying admission to students with less potential and inflating student grades, researchers said in a Columbia University study released last week. More...

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Promiscuous College Come-Ons

The New York TimesBy Frank Bruni. BETWEEN the last application season and the current one, Swarthmore College, a school nationally renowned for its academic rigor, changed the requirements for students vying to be admitted into its next freshman class.
It made filling out the proper forms easier. More...

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Big interest in baccalaureates

​Three dozen community college districts so far have applied to host a pilot baccalaureate program recently approved by the governor.
“The districts’ strong interest in building baccalaureate degree programs is heartening,” California Community Colleges ​Chancellor Brice Harris said in a statement. “They are pioneering a new mission for the California Community Colleges and opening up pathways for Californians who may not have had the chance to earn a four-year degree.” More...

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