16 février 2015

Going virtual? Don’t get physical

eCampus NewsBy Andrew Barbour. As college IT departments look to wring as much value as possible from their budgets and infrastructure, server virtualization has become almost de rigueur. While the benefits of virtualization are now well documented, maintenance of this new environment is less understood—and comes with its own set of challenges. More...

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15 février 2015

Maine lawmakers offer relief to students trapped by college debt

Maine news, election results and politics, sports and opinion - Bangor Daily NewsBy Christopher Cousins. In some ways, Erica Frederick-Rock is a typical — albeit nontraditional — college student in Maine. 
Frederick-Rock, a 36-year-old biology student at the University of Maine at Augusta, has started and stopped college studies three times since she graduated from high school. She is on track to graduate from the University of Maine at Augusta in May. More...

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College Readiness and America’s

American Association of Community CollegesBy Anne M. Kress. President Barack Obama’s America’s College Promise proposal has sparked a national conversation about the value of community college for today’s students. Many, myself included, support the president’s vision of making two years of higher education more accessible to all Americans. Others are more skeptical, often citing low completion rates for community college students. To help our students reach the finish line in their pursuit of a degree, certificate or other credential, we must start by improving college readiness. More...

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Obama proposes free community college tuition

University Business LogoBy Stefanie Botelho. President Barack Obama is not acting like someone whose party suffered heavy defeats in the recent midterm election. More...

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No profit left behind

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "politico logo"By . In the high-stakes world of American education, Pearson makes money even when its results don’t measure up. More...

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College completion could weigh heavily on performance funding for higher education

Deseret NewsBy . Legislators considered a model for higher education performance-based funding Monday that looks quite different from the one used by Utah's colleges and universities last year. And with the legislative session now in its third week, the time crunch is setting in for lawmakers to reach a consensus about what performance funding, at least in broad terms, should look like for Utah's eight public colleges and universities. More...

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Community colleges looking at four-year degrees

pantagraph.comBy . Illinois community college presidents are pushing for the ability to grant students four-year degrees in some programs. 
The controversial idea, if adopted, would make Illinois the 22nd state to grant baccalaureate degrees at the traditionally two-year institutions. More...

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On Campus, Obama Makes Case for Plans Including Free Community College

The New York TimesBy Julie Horschfeld Davis. President Obama on Friday pressed voters to demand that their representatives reach across the political aisle to pass initiatives in his budget including free community college, more generous child care subsidies and new roads and bridges, making the case for his agenda in a heavily Republican state. More...

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Fewer Top Graduates Want to Join Teach for America

The New York TimesBy . Teach for America, the education powerhouse that has sent thousands of handpicked college graduates to teach in some of the nation’s most troubled schools, is suddenly having recruitment problems. More...

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FCC outlines proposal for strong network neutrality protections

University Business LogoBy Stefanie Botelho. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler last week announced the outlines of a proposal to protect network neutrality that, if approved, will have a significant impact on higher education institutions. The plan would regulate high-speed Internet service as a public utility under Title II of the Communications Act, the section of the law that regulates telecommunications and other services, instead of an information service. More...

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