12 mars 2015

Despite budget shortfalls, universities can still improve quality, report says

Go to the Globe and Mail homepageBy Simona Chiose. Some of the least-funded provincial university systems have the best results, says a report released Thursday that looks at job, research and social outcomes across the country, in a finding that is likely to be embraced by provincial governments eager to hold the line on tight budgets. Read more...

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08 mars 2015

Puerto Rico uses territory status to attract students

By Sara Custer. With two official languages- Spanish and English- and US level accredited degrees, Puerto Rico is looking to leverage its status as a tropical US territory to become an attractive study destination. More...

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University of California may add eleventh campus

ABC7 San FranciscoThe University of California could be growing again.
State Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Glendale) is proposing the university build an eleventh campus, with a special focus on science and technology.
Gatto says the state needs a new UC campus for the talented students who are denied a place at other top-ranked campuses.
The UC system is already struggling to finance its 10 existing campuses. More...

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Break Up the Higher-Ed Cartel

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "nationalreview.com logo"By Ron DeSantis & Mike Lee. Stifling bureaucracy blocks countless Americans’ access to innovative, affordable education.
Usually something costs more because it’s more valuable. But in higher education, the exact opposite appears to be happening. The cost of college rises every year, forcing millions of Americans to take on a tremendous amount of debt.
Yet, at the same time, the value of a traditional college degree has declined: A stunning 40 percent of recent college graduates now end up in jobs that do not require a college degree. Read more...

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Bloomfield College to simplify tuition, offer 'one cost' for attendance

http://www.nj.comBy Kelly Heyboer. In an effort to be more "straight forward" about how much it costs to attend college, Bloomfield College will adopt a new pricing structure later this year that lists a single price for attending the private school, campus officials said today.
Starting in the fall, Bloomfield College will eliminate its individual course fees, comprehensive fee and other charges and combine all tuition and fee costs into one rate — $27,800 for full-time undergraduates. School officials said they believe the school the first college in New Jersey to adopt the simplified "tuition-only model." More...

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College professors take a more active role in higher education funding discussions

http://media.cleveland.com/static/cleve/static/img/logo_v001.pngBy Karen Farkas. College professors are taking a more active role as legislators discuss higher education issues and funding.
While funding for public universities will increase slightly under Gov. John Kasich's proposed two-year budget, Kasich and legislators want universities to reduce costs.
If cuts need to occur, reductions should not affect the educational mission or cost to students, says the  Ohio Conference of the American Association of University Professors. More...

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Higher ed drowning in regulations

By Daily Staff. Unnecessary and overly complex federal regulations are costing the nation’s colleges and universities billions of dollars that could be better be spent on things such as financial aid and research. More...

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Higher Ed Reconsidered: A Non-Standard Assessment of Where Standards May be Taking Us?

By . During a meeting of the Council on Independent Colleges' Steering Committee on the Future of Independent Higher Education last fall, a lively debate ensued around what constitutes a college education. Is it about the delivery of a curriculum? Or is it about the quality of the student's experience? While the question can certainly be answered in myriad ways, I recall a divide among the 22 presidents in attendance, with a slight majority (including myself) arguing that, given current practices, the value of college education lies in the student experience, not necessarily the curriculum. More...

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Creative Destruction Picks up Steam in Higher Education

By CCAP. For four years, total higher education enrollments in the U.S. have been in decline. High cost schools with little endowment and mediocre reputation are viewed as the institutions in greatest peril. Small liberal arts colleges with only a local reputation, the lesser quality state universities, and many of the historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have been considered vulnerable. So it came as shock to learn that relatively high quality and well known Sweet Briar College in Virginia is planning to close its doors, almost immediately. More...

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Some Owners of Private Colleges Turn a Tidy Profit by Going Nonprofit

The New York TimesBy . After a recent government crackdown on the multibillion-dollar career-training industry, stricter limits on student aid and devastating publicity about students hobbled by debt and useless credentials, some for-profit schools simply shut down. More...

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