04 septembre 2019

Tracking Guns and Other Dangers

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. Three students were recently arrested at three separate colleges for potentially being a threat to the campuses. Institutions are monitoring these risks more closely in an age of increasing gun violence. More...

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Miami University Suspends Fraternity for 15 Years

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. Members of Miami’s chapter of Delta Tau Delta allegedly hit students with spiked paddles, kicked and spit on them, and forced them to smoke marijuana and drink a significant amount of alcohol, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported. More...

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Veterans Turn Sights to 90-10 Rule

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Veterans' organizations see negotiations over the Higher Education Act as an opportunity to tighten a federal exemption they say makes service members target of aggressive marketing by for-profit colleges. More...

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01 septembre 2019

Donald Trump l’emportera-t-il une seconde fois ?

Screenshot-2018-4-15 Egypte – des élections présidentielles jouées d’avanceAprès le coup d'envoi des primaires américaines, tous les regards sont rivés sur le Parti démocrate et sur les potentiels candidats susceptibles de battre le président actuel. Pourtant, malgré toutes les allégations dont il fait l'objet et un langage plus sulfureux que jamais, Donald Trump semble avoir de bonnes chances de s'assurer un second mandat à la Maison-Blanche. Plus...

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31 août 2019

1.5 million protest against Bolsonaro’s university cuts (Advocate 26 02)

Some 1.5 million students, teachers and administrative personnel from higher education institutions rallied in the capital, Brasília, in Belo Horizonte, Salvador, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and cities in many other states in the first massive protest since extreme right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro took office in January. More...

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24 août 2019

How the University of Alaska – and other public U.S. universities – now struggle for funding

The ConversationThe higher education world has been rocked by the news that the University of Alaska’s state appropriations were slashed by nearly $136 million, 41% of its general fund appropriation to the university. More...

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Talking about Charlottesville with alt-right students

The ConversationSome students, who used these terms during interviews I conducted for a book I’m writing about politically engaged college students, identify with the alt-right, a white nationalist movement. More...

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23 août 2019

For-Profit Board Seats Cause Headache for UNC President

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. Interim president updates ethics forms amid questions from reporter, highlighting issues over presidents serving on corporate boards -- and being paid for it. More...

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NCAA Lawyers Up

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. Spending on outside lawyers jumped by $18 million in two years amid lawsuits. More...

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West Virginia Reauthorizes Wheeling

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission conditionally approved an annual reauthorization for Wheeling University Friday, two weeks after delaying a decision because the Roman Catholic institution placed two of its top leaders on administrative leave. More...

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