03 avril 2018

Public confidence in universities tumbles

Soaring tuition costs, degrees of dubious value and non-stop student activism have combined to bring public confidence in the ivory tower tumbling down, write Bradford Richardson and Jennifer Harper for The Washington Times. More...

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Preparing students for a rapidly-changing world

By Fernando Leon-Garcia. Parents and teachers often ask children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” While it’s a simple question to spark their thinking, it may prove of little value these days. Studies show many jobs that exist today won’t be around by the year 2050, and with technology changing at the speed of light, there’s no telling which careers will endure. More...

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01 avril 2018

Why Are We Applauding Statscan’s Lack of Strategic Focus?

By Alex Usher. Remember about twenty months ago when everyone was gaga over the idea that the feds were going to pay for an expanded version of the faculty survey? And there would be data on part-timers!  And on equity criteria!   And maybe community colleges too. More...

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31 mars 2018

In many states, students at public universities foot biggest part of the bill

University Business Magazine logoFor the first time, students in more than half of all U.S. states are paying more in tuition to attend public colleges or universities than the government contributes. More...

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Even the Ivy League has a marriage gap. How does your college compare?

University Business Magazine logoPrincetonians like to marry one another. 
Although the university is coy about the exact number of Tiger-Tiger marriages, Princeton tour guides are often asked about matrimonial prospects, and sometimes include apocryphal statistics — 50 percent! Maybe 75! — in their patter. More...

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Student leaders spur Hood College to add composting to campus

University Business Magazine logoMost students eating in Hood College’s dining hall probably haven’t noticed a change in their meals, but in the back, chefs have made a small adjustment with big benefits. More...

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Bob Jones University approved for Air Force and Army ROTC

University Business Magazine logoBob Jones University President Steve Pettit today announced that, beginning with the fall 2018 semester, BJU students will have opportunity to apply for enrollment in Air Force or Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). More...

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Higher ed groups urge Congress to pass bill to ease access to print materials for the visually impaired

University Business Magazine logoACE and four other higher education groups issued a statement March 23 urging Congress to approve legislation that would provide print-disabled students better access to printed materials. More...

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30 mars 2018

S.C. students may be able to use lottery scholarships at out-of-state schools

University Business Magazine logoState lawmakers might let some South Carolina students use their state-funded scholarships at out-of-state schools. More...

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Despite apparent success, no expansion of college credit program

University Business Magazine logoA program that allows local high school seniors to earn credits at Elgin Community College has been successful in its first year, School District U46 officials said. Still, they're reluctant to expand the program until more time has passed and they're able to collect more data. More...

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