21 janvier 2020

Alumni are “most reliable” source of info for students looking to UK, Europe

By Kerrie Kennedy. Alumni are the most reliable source of accurate information for international students looking to study in the UK (74%) and elsewhere in Europe (79%) according to the results of a new survey. However, relatively few respondents cited alumni as their primary source of information about international study. More...

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15 janvier 2020

Malaysia: UK alumni association launched

By Kerrie Kennedy. The Malaysia Commonwealth Alumni Association has launched to provide a platform for UK-educated scholars to reconnect with their peers, establish networking and partnerships, and to develop a community in Malaysia. More...

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British Council celebrates work of UK alumnis

By Viggo Stacey. Alumni of UK universities from Bangladesh, South Africa and Egypt were recognised by the British Council’s Study UK Alumni Awards 2019. More...

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13 janvier 2020

Alumni Engagement and Marketing: Innovating New Org Structures

Should we consider alumni engagement an important metric for gauging the success and impact of an institution’s marketing department? The 2019 CMO study (conducted by our friends at SimpsonScarborough) asked senior officers overseeing their institution’s marketing and communications about the metrics that their president or chancellor uses. More...

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12 décembre 2019

Alumni a “non-factor” for US grad employability

By Claudia Civinini. Alumni networks are less helpful for a graduate’s success in the job market than previously thought, a survey by Gallup has found. More...

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31 août 2019

France Alumni : 1er atelier du "Club de l'Image"

Campus France logoMerci à tous les participants pour ce premier atelier, pour votre bonne humeur et vos conseils sur la photo ! Beaucoup de pays représentés hier : Algérie, Brésil, Chine, Chypre, Inde, Mexique, Pérou, Tunisie. Plus...

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04 août 2019

Les de l'INET des cadres supérieurs territoriaux, l’INET est un lieu où se créent des réseaux de professionnels, réseaux d’échanges et d’entraide de cadres de tous horizons et de toutes filières. Plus...

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13 juillet 2019

France Alumni abre su club de la imagen durante la inauguración de la exposición fotográfica de Ana Godeiro

Campus France logoEsta noche también dio lugar al lanzamiento oficial del “Club de l’Image” (Club de la Imagen). ¿Eres aficionado de fotografía? ¿Tú también quieres exhibir tu trabajo, conversar, crear sinergias? ¡Inscríbete al “Club de l’Image”! Su objetivo es reunir a los aficionados de foto. ¡Principiante o experto, es el club perfecto para ti. Plus...

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France Alumni launches its Image Club at the opening of an exhibition of the photos of Ana Godeiro

Campus France logoUpon her arrival in France, Ana discovered a twin passion for photography and for the diversity of France’s urban architecture. She was able to pursue both interests in the course of her studies of film and media. To celebrate and thank her host country, she produced a photo essay that she calls Chère France, je t'embrasse (France, I love you!). Her work will be on view at the Campus France headquarters through July 5. Plus...

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France Alumni lance son club de l'image à l'occasion du vernissage de l'exposition photos d'Ana Godeiro

Campus France logoPassionnés de photographies, alumni, étudiants internationaux et auditeurs des écoles de gouvernance publique se sont rassemblés le jeudi 20 juin à Campus France à l'occasion du vernissage de l'expo photos de l'alumni brésilienne Ana Godeiro et du lancement du "Club de l'Image". Plus...

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