04 octobre 2016

How the legacy of apartheid design is making students’ lives unsafe

The ConversationBy . Spatial planning from the apartheid era is coming back to haunt South Africa’s formerly black universities. More than 22 years since the country’s transition to democracy, students at these institutions are still travelling vast distances to their campuses. More...

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Decolonising psychology creates possibilities for social change

The ConversationBy . The issues raised by South African university students in a new round of protests must be read as inter-related and integral to the ongoing decolonial project. More...

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03 octobre 2016

Nation is preparing a higher education roadmap

University World News Global EditionThe Ministry of Education said that it is preparing a higher education roadmap that would enable qualified graduates to meet the needs of the growing economy, reports The Ethiopian Herald. Read more...

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26 septembre 2016

Data-intensive research capacity boosted ahead of SKA

By Ochieng’ O Benny. A consortium of institutions in South Africa has been formed to establish a Western Cape Data Intensive Research Facility as part of the country’s National Integrated Cyberinfrastructure System. The aim is to dramatically increase data-intensive research capacity ahead of the global astronomy research initiative, the Square Kilometre Array. Read more...

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Proliferation of universities brings mixed fortunes

By Ramadan Rajab. As guns continue to fall silent in Somalia’s waning civil conflict, exponential growth has been witnessed in the higher education sector. But there are mixed reviews of the quality of education offered by the country’s new independent universities. Read more...

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Controversy over university entrance tests cancellation

By Tunde Fatunde. Recently-appointed Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Executive Registrar Professor Is-Haq Oloyede faces a tough job as controversy continues around the cancellation of the Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, or Post-UTME, a quality assurance examination conducted by individual universities to screen prospective students. Read more...

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Virtual Institute for Higher Education in Africa reopens

By Ard Jongsma. In January 2017, the Virtual Institute for Higher Education in Africa will reopen its digital doors with a new set of free courses to help African university lecturers face the challenges they meet in their everyday work. Read more...

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19 septembre 2016

A mission made in Africa

By Brendan O'Malley. Blooming Soyinka, 31, from a rural village in Nigeria, knows what hunger means and knows how to break free of poverty. No one in her family had made it to college before but she raised her own funds to secure a place at a university in Illinois, United States and later gained a scholarship to the University of British Columbia, Canada. Read more...

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12 septembre 2016

New hospital and excellence centres boost research

By Francis Kokutse. A 617-bed teaching hospital facility constructed with a US$217 million Israeli government loan is being handed over to the University of Ghana. Vice-chancellor Ernest Aryeetey hopes the new medical facility – and two African Centres of Excellence created under a World Bank initiative – will help boost research. Read more...

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Academics slam political appointments to key committees

By Ashraf Khaled. A crisis is looming in Kenyan universities over the shortage of professors, low numbers of qualified lecturers and low numbers of PhD students in both public and private universities, according to a recent report. Read more...

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