14 décembre 2016

Implementation of HE funding framework on track

Following the 2013 cabinet approval of a funding framework to ensure equity and transparency in the allocation of financial resources to public higher education institutions, the National Council for Higher Education says budgetary submissions are being finalised for the 2017-18 financial year, writes Albertina Nakale for New Era. Read more...

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13 décembre 2016

Time to build a pipeline of innovation for Africa

By Thierry Zomahoun and Barry Green. It is widely accepted that research and innovation are key drivers of competitiveness and economic growth. A recent World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index showed that Africa was lagging behind in higher education and training, innovation and technological readiness. Read more...

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07 décembre 2016

Kenyans could get gov loans for overseas study

By Maina Waruru. More than 10,000 Kenyan students studying in universities abroad could benefit from government-funded higher education student loans, after a presidential directive that all students studying in any accredited university abroad should apply and be eligible for loans offered by the country’s Higher Education Loans Board. More...

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Africa: Centum Investments, Sabis to set up schools

By Julian Hall. The first of 20 international schools planned by the consortium of publicly-owned East African company, Centum Investments, with the private, for-profit, Sabis education network and private investment firm Investbridge Capital (IBC) is to open in Kiambu, Kenya in September 2018. More...

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05 décembre 2016

Meeting of the HERANA project discusses institutional change in African flagship universities

By Hedda. From November 20 until November 24 the Center for Higher Education Trust (CHET) organized a workshop in the context of the HERANA research project in Cape Town. During this meeting representatives of seven flagship universities from different Sub-Saharan African countries discussed together with a group of international experts the institutional developments of the different universities on their road to becoming research-led universities. See more...

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Bilateral agreement signed on HE and research

By Jane Marshall. Algeria and the Kingdom of Lesotho have signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen their bilateral cooperation in higher education and scientific research. Read more...

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Technical universities ‘lack capacity to deliver’

IMANI Centre for Policy and Education Ghana has said the technical universities lack the capacity to deliver the kind of training that will make their students problem solvers, reports B&FT Online. Read more...

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HE and the dawn of a new Marshall Plan for Africa

By Damtew Teferra. While I agree with Philip G Altbach and Hans de Wit of the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College in the United States, when they write in their recent contribution that the aggressive posturing of United States President-elect Donald Trump is far from helpful to higher education around the world, I do not believe it will seriously dent the system as a whole. Nor will it have a significant impact on African higher education. Read more...

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Lack of awareness hampers harmonisation progress

By Munyaradzi Makoni. Since it was first raised three decades ago, progress towards the harmonisation of higher education quality assurance and accreditation processes has been slow and awareness of the issue and various initiatives to drive it remain frustratingly limited. Read more...

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New private universities – Set up to fail?

By Tunde Fatunde. The recent licensing of eight new private universities has raised questions about the wisdom of expanding a sector already struggling to provide quality education geared towards the 21st century. Read more...

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