29 avril 2016

Current Iteration of Oregon Promise Leaves Out Adults and Completion

The EvoLLLutionBy Andrea Henderson - EvoLLLution. While the Oregon Promise is an immensely positive first step towards increasing degree completion statewide, it’s oversight of non-traditional students and lack of funding for retention and success initiatives leaves room for improvement. More...

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The Best Way to Thank Our Veterans: How to Support This Unique Adult Student Cohort

The EvoLLLutionBy Elsa Núñez - EvoLLLution. Improving the student experience for veterans requires institutions to offer services and support mechanisms specifically designed to address the unique needs of this growing demographic. More...

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28 avril 2016

Finding Metrics that Matter to Adult Students

The EvoLLLutionBy Javier Miyares - EvoLLLution. Despite the influence ratings and rankings have on prospective students’ choices, they do a poor job of reflecting the true capacity for a student to succeed at a given college or university. More...

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Beyond Dodgeball: Tailoring Extracurricular Opportunities for Adults

The EvoLLLutionBy Jo Emanuelson - EvoLLLution. Non-traditional students see the value in extra-curricular opportunities, but if those opportunities don’t align with their reasons for attending they won’t sacrifice their precious time to participate. More...

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ROI for Adult Learners: Maximizing Higher Ed’s Non-Monetary Value

The EvoLLLutionBy Tennis Lilly - EvoLLLution. It’s critical for universities to make more extra-curricular opportunities available for learning to enrich the non-monetary value of their postsecondary experience. More...

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Kentucky partnership will help college-going adults

eCampus NewsBy The Hazard Herald. Kentucky Adult Education and the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority will launch a partnership on April 1 aimed at helping qualified adults transition or return to college or technical school. More...

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24 avril 2016

Micro-Credentials Offer Universities an Opportunity to Bridge Skill Gaps

http://people.uis.edu/rschr1/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader.jpgHigher Ed Tech News and Research ~ Ray Schroeder, editor. Higher education leaders are pondering how to make bite-sized, low-cost learning opportunities available to students in different ways. Working adults who change jobs and careers frequently often don’t need to go through an entire degree program to learn different skills. More...

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20 avril 2016

INSEE :Enquête obligatoire sur la formation des adultes

http://www.guadeloupeformation.com/images/partenaires/se_former_en_gaudeloupe.pngUn arrêté du 23 mars 2016 portant mise en œuvre d'un traitement automatisé d'informations individuelles relatif à une enquête sur la formation des adultes. Créé à l'Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques (INSEE) un traitement automatisé d'informations individuelles relatif à une enquête obligatoire sur la formation des adultes. Voir l'article...

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19 avril 2016

10% boom in Irish ELT, propelled by adult enrolments

By Sara Custer. English language schools in Ireland saw a 10% rise in student numbers in 2015, driven by gains in adult student weeks and the fruition of targeted marketing campaigns in Asia. More...

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15 avril 2016

Making literacy everybody’s business

Education & Skills TodayBy Andreas Schleicher. While poor literacy skills severely limit people’s access to better-paying and more rewarding jobs, data from the OECD Survey of Adult Skills also shows that individuals with poor literacy skills are far more likely than those with advanced literacy skills to report poor health, to believe that they have little impact on political processes, and not to participate in associative or volunteer activities. More...

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