10 décembre 2018

From meth addicted online gambling to AI cocaine simulation: Pompidou Group set to tackle new drug challenges

Screenshot-2018-5-2 NewsroomParticipants at a ministerial conference of the Council of Europe’s drug policy platform the Pompidou Group are expected to express grave concerns over new types of drugs and worrying trends in drug abuse linked to online gambling. More...

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03 décembre 2018

Canadian universities now growing marijuana on campus

Eight academic institutions across Canada have obtained licences from Health Canada to cultivate cannabis for scientific purposes, allowing them to study the drug that was legalised for recreational use in October, writes Liam Casey for The Canadian Press. More...

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24 novembre 2018

Mois sans tabac | au travail, on arrête ensemble !

Screenshot-2018-4-14 Grands dossiers - Ministère du TravailNovembre, c’est le mois sans tabac. Forte de son succès, cette opération revient pour la 3ème année consécutive. Un défi collectif qui propose à tous les fumeurs d’arrêter avec le soutien de leurs proches et pourquoi pas… de leurs collègues de travail. Présentation du #MoisSansTabac et explications en 3 points. Plus...

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18 novembre 2018

HIV prevention and drug treatment in European prisons: training in Ukraine

Screenshot-2018-5-2 NewsroomThe Council of Europe's Pompidou Group drug policy experts are holding a workshop and an executive training on drug treatment and HIV prevention in prisons in Kyiv Oblast from 5 to 9 November. More...

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09 novembre 2018

Professors criticise government over campus drug dealing

Professors at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki have co-authored a document to protest against rampant drug dealing inside the premises of the institution. It calls on authorities to take immediate measures to remove drug traffickers operating freely on the campus, reports ekathimerini.com. More...

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06 novembre 2018

It takes all of us to fight dangerous drinking on college campuses

University Business Magazine logoStudent deaths and other near tragedies from hazing and dangerous drinking sadly persist despite renewed attention across the country. As I reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future, I must pause to focus on the critical importance of partnership to the success of any national efforts to combat hazing and dangerous drinking in fraternity and sorority life. More...

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05 novembre 2018

Southern Illinois University starts marijuana, hemp research

University Business Magazine logoSouthern Illinois University is creating new programs for students who want to know more about marijuana. More...

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Higher ed cautiously begins to train cannabis industry leaders

University Business Magazine logoHigher education institutions, especially those receiving federal funding, have been proceeding cautiously. For example, both University of Washington and Washington State University have issued guidance limiting cannabis research. More...

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On college campuses, making overdose medication readily available

University Business Magazine logoAs the opioid epidemic has escalated around the nation, colleges and universities have been spared the brunt of it. Opioid addiction and overdoses are more rare on campuses than among young adults in the general population. More...

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04 novembre 2018

Algonquin College to go smoke-free before marijuana legalization

University Business Magazine logoAlgonquin College will become the first post-secondary institution in the Ottawa area to go completely smoke-free, following the province's decision to loosen cannabis rules. More...

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