17 février 2020

Technology Can't Fix Algorithmic Injustice

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Technology Can't Fix Algorithmic Injustice
Annette Zimmerman, Elena Di Rosa, Hochan Kim, Boston Review, 2020/01/10
This article in Boston Review argues that democratic deliberation should take place before artificial intelligence (AI) systems are implemented in society. "A democratic critique of algorithmic injustice requires both an ex ante and an ex post perspective. In order for us to start thinking about ex post accountability in a meaningful way—that is, in a way that actually reflects the concerns and lived experiences of those most affected by algorithmic tools—we need to first make it possible for society as a whole, not just tech industry employees, to ask the deeper ex ante questions (e.g. “Should we even use weak AI in this domain at all?”)". More...

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