14 février 2020

An Explanation of the Citizendium License

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. An Explanation of the Citizendium License
I actually ran a word count to verify that Larry Sanger spent 22,000 words (it's actually more like 22,300) explaining why Citizendium adopted the CC-By-SA license (instead of, say, the non-commercial CC-By-NC-SA license). I can summarize the argument in a dozen words: so much of Citizendium comes from Wikipedia, it's much easier to use the license Wikipedia is now using. Of some interest is the section discussing the arguments in favour of a non-commercial license with an interesting bit on how the non-commercial license can be 'less free' than CC-By-SA and yet still 'free'. There is no indication that Sanger has seen my own argument, which is essentially (in this context) the assertion that CC-By-NC-SA is more free because it means access to the content is never blocked. More...

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