28 janvier 2020

Natural Education, Natural Enterprise, Natural Community: Creating a Virtuous Cycle

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Natural Education, Natural Enterprise, Natural Community: Creating a Virtuous Cycle
I have had occasion to write about global warming over the years. So I am one of the first to warmly applaud Al Gore and his Nobel Peace Prize. And it's this sort of thing - this sort of reflection - that carries over into the wider domain of learning and society and technology. And this Dave Pollard post on natural education and natural enterprise. The older industrial model is a dysfunctional system, he writes, a vicious circle that does immense damage to our psyches and our environment. Harold Jarche picks up on this theme, wondering whether these old systems are starting to crack. "It wasn't that long ago that politicians and some scientists were saying that global warming was only a half-baked theory. We now know that we're going to be completely baked, and Al Gore's Nobel Prize shows that the world understands." That's why I demanded an apology not so long ago - and caution, today, that the same sort of model that has produced global warming is continuing to produce - and protect, with the same disinformation - traditional education. The consequences aren't obvious - but if you go into the poorer regions of the world (or of your own community) and look into the people's eyes, you'll see them. More...

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CERIF 2006 - 1.1 Full Data Model

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. CERIF 2006 - 1.1 Full Data Model
The CERIF (Common European Research Information Format) is a model format to manage Research Information designed for the European Current Research Information System. There's some good thinking here - but once again, I have to ask, why build this entirely from scratch, with no real recognition that anything else exists? For example, one of the core entities is 'Person'. Well good - we could use OpenID, FOAF, and the like. But no. It's all set up like a database, so you're working with a person ID (not a URI) and you're up and away (here's the ER diagram that shows what you're in for). I also wonder why the other core CERIF entities are OrganisationUnit, ResultPublication (which sometimes shows up in the diagrams as ResultPatent) and Project. I ask this because I'm wondering whether you want to create a set of (institution-based) core elements. More...

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No.2 With A Bullet

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. No.2 With A Bullet
Grahem Wegner loks to this interesting new service, something called Learning Signal from Social Rank. Whate we have here is a service that looks at blog posts in a community (presumably defined by topic - such as 'e-learning', but we are not told what blogs constitute a 'community') and ranks them according to (a proprietary blend of?) citations, comments, and the like. It's a good idea, difficult to pull off (I've been trying stuff like that with Edu_RSS but the sorts of server loads it creates are horrendous). More...

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Bogong Moths in Sydney, Starlings in Rome and Edu_Bloggers at Conferences

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Bogong Moths in Sydney, Starlings in Rome and Edu_Bloggers at Conferences
"You cannot have a truly distributed creative system without there being open channels between (all) nodes." So wrote John Hopkins on the idc list. This caught my attention as being wrong (but interestingly so), prompting me to write a post on a truly distributed creative system. Immediately after finishing that post, I read Artichoke's lament that "it was disconcerting to read through the 427 Ulearn07 Hitchhkr links and find so little analysis and so much flocking sentiment." Why was this, I wondered? Artichoke linked to Josie Fraser, who wrote about homophily, the idea that "similarity breeds connection." With the structure of networks fresh in my mind, I wrote a post on homophily and association, arguing that this is just one of four ways networks get created (the other three are proximity, back-propagation, and Boltzmann connectivity). Moreover, it is one of two group-forming mechanisms, based as it is on similarity and identity. Groups are characterized by emotional attachment to an idea or cause. Hence the 'me too' posts, as posts consisting of statements of loyalty to the group will be most valued by the group. More...

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The Zone of Privileged Development

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Zone of Privileged Development
Today's newsletter seems to be all about me. Me me me! Just kidding. But there's three items in a row here. The first item points to reaction to a review of Facebook I wrote for Innovate (registration required - I am really really sorry about that and complain monthly to the editor). Steve Bingham captures the main idea nicely: "FB is a social network in the same way that a university is a place where certain people learn to network." More...

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One Tool Short of Fifty

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. One Tool Short of Fifty
Alan Levine comes up with (almost) fifty ways to tell a Web 2.0 story. He writes, "At least 2/3 of these tools I had never heard of, and now I am convinced there are more, many more out there... 36 of the 49 tools offered embed code- cut and paste code to put the media into other web pages. This is astounding!" More...

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ANGEL'S Open Source Move

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. ANGEL'S Open Source Move
This is interesting. Angel is a popular LMS, though mostly over on the corporate side of the house. The company has just incorporated a wiki into their product - but they did it by adapting the open source Tiddly Wiki. They've posted the adapted code as open source on SourceForge and even contributed financially to the Tiddly Wiki project. I agree with Michael feldstein, that they should be given kudos for taking the effort to do this right. More...

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IBM/Second Life Virtual World Collaboration

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. IBM/Second Life Virtual World Collaboration
Linden Labs has taken what was probably the only path open to it - the development of open standards that will allow for interoperability between 3D virtual worlds. This virtually guarantees a robust open source virtual world server (and corresponding client(s)). The list of technologies that will be developed is impressive: 'universal' avatars, security-rich transactions (for the exchange of assets in and across virtual worlds), platform stability, integration with existing web and business processes, and open standards for interoperability with the current web. More...

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Google: Why Jaiku and Not Twitter?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Google: Why Jaiku and Not Twitter?
Google has acquired Jaiku, a microblogging ste remarkably like Twitter (though as one commenter notes, "Twitter seems to essentially be a communication/microblogging tool. Jaiku, on the other hand, seems to deal in what they call presence management i.e. consolidating the multiple activities/identities that one has around the 'net and collecting them all in one place.") What Twitter has, though, is users, which is norally what makes it a good acquisition. But Twitter was co-founded by Evan Williams, the creator of Blogger, which was acquired by Google. More...

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Fair Use Confusion Threatens Media Literacy

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Fair Use Confusion Threatens Media Literacy
The doctrine of 'fair use' ('fair dealing' in Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore) allows teachers to make substantial use of copyrighted materials. But according to a report, most teachers misunderstand fair use and interpret it much more narrowly than the courts require, which means they miss out on using many resources available for student. This, of course, is exactly what publishers want and why they have been front-and-center seeding misinformation aout fair use. More...

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