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28 janvier 2020

Random Censorship

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Random Censorship
I don't know whether I am blocked by the new filtering system described in this article (it's not named, and I have no way to check). But I do know that my site is filtered a lot, this based on the rejections I get from my newsletter emails. What interests me is that the list of pople in this post are (mostly) the people I have previously characterized as 'the Techlearn crowd', while those being censored are (mostly) not from the Techlearn crowd. Now - to be clear - I am absolutely not implying any collusion by the bloggers being named. But, that said, there is a consistency of message in those websites, which is being selectively filtered in. And - also to be clear - if this pattern holds then the filtering is not being used to protect children, but to indoctrinate them. Not random at all, but deliberate and calculated. Not good. More...

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