22 janvier 2020

Teachers Discovering the Musician Within: GarageBand Is Key

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Teachers Discovering the Musician Within: GarageBand Is Key
OK, I didn't think much of the music samples offered in this post, but I'm not really into funk. What I will say is that, like Clay Burell, I was amazed to discover what GarageBand can do, and I think it's an absolutely fantastic tool to use to teach people music. More...

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Dr. Alfred Crockus and Crosley Shelvador, M.D.

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Dr. Alfred Crockus and Crosley Shelvador, M.D.
Oy. I think that the lecturing career of Dan Hodgins - an "internationally known presenter" - is about to come to a screeching halt. This stems from a teacher who reported that "Red flags went up for me when, very early in his presentation, he showed a drawing of the brain and claimed that, 'Girls see the details of experiences... Boys see the whole but not the details.'" A detailed examination of Hodgins's claim found no evidence of the difference - nor of the brain region he describes, the 'Crockus' ("the detailed section of the brain, a part of the frontal lope"), nor of the supposed discoverer of the Crockus, Dr. Alfred Crockus, nor the Boston Medical University Hospital, where Crockus is supposed to have worked. The name, indeed, bears more resemblance to slang than to any living human (or human brain area). Crockus is about to come into existence, however, as a new award, the Dr. Alfred Crockus Award for the misuse of neuroscience. More...

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We Are Opening the Social Graph

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. We Are Opening the Social Graph
"We think," writes Six Apart's David Recordon, "that making the social graph visible is a powerful and necessary first step to freeing people from managing their network of relationships one piece at a time." With a GPL version of Moveable Type coming soon and open source prototype applications that open up the management of social networks, we will have the functionality we enjoy today on places like Facebook available anywhere on the web. More...

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Exploitive Corporate Scum Love Creative Commons

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Exploitive Corporate Scum Love Creative Commons
The discussion is a lot more reasonable than the headline sounds. The point is that it seems clear thant commercial entities are using Creative Commons tagged photos and content in advertising. Sounds fine - but what about the unpaid models appearing in the photo, photographed as they were just walking down the street minding their own business? Now I read today that this is OK in the U.S., but Canadian privacy laws prohibit the commercial use of a person's image without their permission. More...

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Bornstein, Kawasaki, Changing the World

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Bornstein, Kawasaki, Changing the World
You can change the world, but I think the world has to want to change. How many leaders, I wonder, looked to see where things were going, leapt out in front, and then got lucky as events bore out their original vision? That's how businesses operate - they keep trying, until something sticks. CEOs are just as often lucky as they are good. You can't do that in the non-profit sector. you can't just say, "Well Cambodia isn't selling, I think I'll try Gabon." And you can't just go 'out of business' and start over from scratch. More...

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What Is Xtreme Podcasting?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. What Is Xtreme Podcasting?
I'm not sure I would call this 'Xtreme Podcasting' - it bears only a faint resemblance to Xtreme Programming. Maybe 'structured podcasting'. "We're trying to help people take their podcasting to the next level by delving more deeply into the design process of producing an effective, educational podcast. How? Primarily by taking an instructional design approach, and analyzing information needs and audiences to determine if podcasting is the right match with your instructional needs". More...

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Do I need a Dutch language certificate to study in the Netherlands?

However, all students looking to study in a programme in Dutch, must show proof of Dutch language competence. To obtain a Dutch language certificate like the CNaVT (Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal), a B2 Dutch language certification test has to be completed and passed (Educatief Startbekwaam (STRT)– B2). To receive a Dutch language certificate like CNaVT, several parts of the language are tested, including:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening comprehension
  • Oral expression
  • Writing expression

The Dutch certificate CNaVT is a language test for foreign learners of Dutch who plan to study in the Netherlands, or who require recognised certification of their language skills. More...

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L'UNML lance sa campagne d’adhésion 2020

L’Union nationale des Missions Locales lance cette semaine sa campagne d’adhésion auprès des Missions Locales et des autres organismes d’insertion, par voie postale. L’occasion de revenir sur les actions marquantes de 2019 et de présenter quelques priorités pour 2020. Pour mémoire : la date limite d’envoi des adhésions est fixée au 31 mars 2020. Plus...

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Journée de formation « Les jeunes face aux inégalités » le 10 mars à Paris

Les jeunes sont frappés de plein fouet par le manque d’emplois et l’élévation du coût du logement. Qui est cette « jeunesse » dont on parle tant ? Comment mesurer et agir sur la situation sociale des jeunes ? Cette formation de l'Observatoire des inégalités proposera un état des lieux et une analyse des inégalités auxquelles sont confrontés les jeunes en matière d’emploi, de formation, de revenu, de logement, etc. Plus...

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Baromètre de satisfaction 2020 des jeunes : un démarrage très encourageant !

L'enquête ouverte entre le 15 janvier et le 15 février 2020 démarre sur les chapeaux de roues, avec 2630 questionnaires remplis en 2 jours et demi (1500 l'année dernière sur cette même durée). Les Missions Locales sont encouragées à continuer sur leur lancée pour permettre à un nombre important de jeunes de s'exprimer sur les actions de leur Mission Locale, partout en France. Plus...

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