17 janvier 2020

Ireland: ELT student numbers down, but total weeks reach record high

By Kerrie Kennedy. After 2017 marked the third year of strong growth for English language student numbers in Ireland, last year saw total enrolment in Irish ELT programs decline by 4.8%. However, total student weeks reached a record high 806,503 in 2018 – marking year-over-year growth of more than 5%. More...

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Embrace acquires system provider Infospeed

By Kerrie Kennedy. Embrace Software, a Montreal based company focused on the acquisition and operation of niche software, has acquired Infospeed, a provider of enterprise software solutions specialised for the language school industry. More...

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Turkey abolishes limit on international students numbers at universities

By Kerrie Kennedy. In what is being heralded as a positive step towards Turkey’s ambition of becoming an education hub, the country’s Council of Higher Education (YÖK) has announced that limitations on the number of international students accepted to study at Turkish universities have been abolished. More...

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COBIS partners with providers of ITT overseas

By Kerrie Kennedy. The Council of British International Schools has announced several partnerships with providers of Initial Teacher Training overseas as part of its ongoing strategic work to support schools with addressing the global teacher supply challenge. More...

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Int’l students in Korea face health insurance hike

By Kerrie Kennedy. International students who stay in Korea for more than six months can expect to pay higher medical insurance costs from July 2019, when a new law kicks in to enforce their compulsory registration in the state healthcare insurance system. More...

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Full Circle buys Our World English Schools

By Kerrie Kennedy. Hong Kong-based international education management company Full Circle Education Group has acquired summer course provider Our World English Schools, marking the group’s third acquisition in the UK in three years. More...

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UK & German HEIs showcase research & collaboration

By Kerrie Kennedy. UK and German universities joined forces to host an innovative showcase that shone a spotlight on the vital partnerships that exist between British and German academia. More...

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EEA pupils at UK independent schools up despite Brexit uncertainty

By Kerrie Kennedy. British independent schools have recorded an increase in the number of pupils from European Economic Area countries despite ongoing Brexit uncertainty, data from the Independent Schools Council has revealed. More...

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Calculating a global career in accountancy

By Kerrie Kennedy. Change is afoot in the world of accountancy. A report by global technology firm Atherton Research warned that by 2020, accounting, tax, payroll, auditing and banking tasks will likely be fully automated using artificial intelligence-based technologies, disrupting the accounting industry in ways unseen for at least half a century, and ultimately spelling bad news for the humble number-cruncher. More...

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Do I need an Italian language certificate to study in Italy?

All non-EU students looking to study in a programme in Italian, must show proof of a B2 Italian language level. To do so, several Italian language certifications are available, which are issued by universities, cultural institutions and certified language schools in Italy and worldwide. The most known and used ones are the CELI (Italian Certification as a Foreign Language) and CILS (Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language). Both differ a lot depending on which level exam you are sitting for. However, all of them have a very similar format. To receive an Italian language certificate like CELI, or CILS, several parts of the language are tested, including:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening comprehension
  • Oral expression
  • Writing expression

The Italian certificates CELI and CILS are language tests for foreign learners of Italian who plan to study in Italy, or who require recognised certification of their language skills. Each section of the examinations is evaluated separately – therefore, in order to pass the exam, all four sections have to be passed. The test can be taken at selected locations in Italy, or abroad. All examination candidates receive the same tasks and the examinations are graded by trained raters. The CELI, or CILS language tests measures all four of the above listed language areas and provides you with detailed results to show you exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are.
The CELI and CILS exams are accepted by all Italian universities and requires a minimum rating of B2 on all four parts. More information about Italian language certificates can be found, here and here. More...

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