17 janvier 2020

What is the ideal method of delivering material to improve student welfare?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"The internet is awash with descriptions of Gen Z, the generation to which I belong and the generation with the highest participation in higher education. Of course, no generation is a homogenous group but there are generalised traits which are interesting to examine from a student welfare perspective. I have pulled out three:
  1. They are ‘sceptical about the cost and value of education’ , because they grew up during a recession;
  2. They value transparency and value communication that is ‘authentic, emotional and genuine’; and
  3. They are tech-savvy having been born into a world where technology and social media have always existed.
Their impact on higher education clearly will be vast and will almost certainly take the form of an increase in digital means of teaching, communicating and supporting students. More...
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