13 janvier 2020

In Defense of English Majors (and Every Other Kind)

By Matt Reed. When The Boy was born, I didn’t look at him and wish to myself that he’d major in something marketable. I looked at him and wished him health and happiness and eventual emergence as a good man. I feared I wouldn’t be worthy of him. I didn’t give a hoot about the labor market. More...

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Application Fees

By Matt Reed. Yes, the colleges need the money. But application fees are a drop in the bucket, in terms of the overall budget, and I suspect that any money made from fees is more than lost in the form of applications deterred. More...

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Can (or Should) an Academic Program Be Branded: An Open Letter to Chief Academic Officers

Your school's academic experience must align with your institutional brand in ways that surprise, inspire and delight your audiences. More...

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Alumni Engagement and Marketing: Innovating New Org Structures

Should we consider alumni engagement an important metric for gauging the success and impact of an institution’s marketing department? The 2019 CMO study (conducted by our friends at SimpsonScarborough) asked senior officers overseeing their institution’s marketing and communications about the metrics that their president or chancellor uses. More...

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Blackboard Behind Bars

HomeBy Lilah Burke. Colleges and corrections departments increasingly are turning to online instruction for incarcerated students. But while those programs may be easier to scale, challenges and questions about quality remain. More...

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Typologie de formations (CEREQ) - Dis-moi quel poste tu occupes, je te dirai quelle formation tu suis

« La loi du 5 septembre 2018 fait de la montée en compétences des salariés et de la sécurisation des parcours professionnels un enjeu central. La formation organisée est un outil majeur pour y répondre. Pour autant, celle-ci ne constitue pas un ensemble homogène.
L’enquête Defis, à travers l’analyse des intitulés de formation, nous renseigne pour la première fois sur le contenu de près de 6 millions de formations suivies entre janvier 2014 et juin 2015 par les salariés, et offre un regard inédit sur les logiques de recours à la formation dans les entreprises... »

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An Industry-Aligned Education

HomeBy Lilah Burke. With guidance from industry, faculty members at the City University of New York system are designing new curricula in data science and cybersecurity. More...

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Improving How Business Is Taught

HomeBy Lilah Burke. Ithaka S+R, a research and consulting service, released a report yesterday detailing undergraduate teaching practices in business. Business is the most popular undergraduate major in the United States. The report is the result of qualitative data collection by teams at 14 college libraries, totaling 158 anonymized interviews. More...

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Behind the Back Channel

HomeBy Lilah Burke. Can giving students anonymity help them engage in class. More...

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AI Arms Race

HomeBy Lilah Burke. More employers are using applicant tracking systems to hire employees. Some colleges are using new AI-based tools, like VMock, to help students keep up. More...

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