12 janvier 2020

Wealthy Students' Borrowing Spikes

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. A new report found that wealthy students borrowed more frequently and borrowed larger sums in recent years, outpacing borrowing increases among less well-off students. More...

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Finding New Life

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. Figuring out how to use a closed or closing college campus is a challenge -- one often falling on the same leaders who had to shut it down in the first place. More...

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Ratings Agencies Post Mixed Outlooks for Higher Education

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. Two ratings agencies offered differing opinions Tuesday on the future of the U.S. higher education sector. More...

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Group Forms to Fight Marlboro Absorption

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. About a month after Emerson College announced plans to absorb Marlboro College, a group is coming forward with an alternative effort that it says would keep Marlboro open and independent. More...

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Tufts Strikes Sackler Name From Campus

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. Tufts will remove the name of a family closely linked to opioids from its medical campus as it releases a report on decades of donations. Family's lawyer calls the decision "intellectually dishonest," but fundraising experts see needed reckoning with the past. More...

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Wayne State Issues List of Long-Lost Words to Bring Back

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. For the past 11 years, Wayne State University has at the start of the year released a list of long-lost words to bring back into current use. This year's list:

  • Cachinnate -- to laugh loudly
  • Coruscate -- (of light) to flash or sparkle
  • Gewgaw -- a worthless, showy bauble
  • Luculent -- clear in thought or expression
  • Mullock -- rubbish, refuse, dirt
  • Perendinate -- to procrastinate a long time, especially two days
  • Redolent -- reminiscent or suggestive of, like a scent
  • Seriatim -- taking one subject after another in regular order; point by point
  • Somnambulant -- resembling or characteristic of a sleepwalker; sluggish
  • Velleity -- a wish or inclination not strong enough to lead to action. More...

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Court Rejects Challenge to Texas Moving Confederate Statues

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. A federal appeals court on Friday rejected a legal challenge to the University of Texas at Austin's decision to move Confederate statues off campus, The Hill reported. The decision upheld a lower court's ruling. More...

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A Bribe or a Donation?

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Parents fighting charges in admissions scandal don't deny giving money to colleges. But legal brief argues that the transactions are donations. More...

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Expanding Pathways to College

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. In the current era, "the image of the 'traditional' college student as a recent high school graduate who is enrolled full time at a four-year, residential college is no longer the reality for most," says a new report from Ithaka S&R. More...

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Caldwell Agrees to Pay Government $4.8 Million

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Caldwell University has agreed to pay more than $4.8 million to resolve complaints that it defrauded a federal education program. More...

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