11 janvier 2020

College Admissions Testing: Even More of an Arms Race

HomeThe ACT’s recent announcement that students will be able to retake individual sections sounds like good news, and as a test prep tutor, I can say with confidence that lots of students will be better off under the new policy. While students usually get scores pretty much in line with their practice scores, the ACT, like other tests, has a margin for error. More...

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A Not-So-Tidy Narrative

HomeStudents aren’t going to college just to get a job -- and that matters, write Michael B. Horn and Bob Moesta. More...

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Ethical College Admissions: Applicants’ Remorse

HomeThere are many reasons for the affliction, writes Jim Jump. More...

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The Unfairer Sex

HomeClass-action lawsuits filed on behalf of women under Title IX have been part and parcel of the legal world for decades, write James Moore and Kursat Christoff Pekgoz, and now it's men's turn to band together. More...

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Regional Public Universities Need Help Going Online

HomeOnline program management companies are facing criticism, but many underresourced institutions need outside partners to succeed, David Klock writes. More...

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Strange Ed Fellows

HomeRabbi Daniel Lehmann describes how very different institutions -- for example, a secular, global university and a graduate theological consortium -- can come together to confront climate change and other pressing societal issues. More...

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When Colleges and Universities Stop Making Sense

HomeHigher education institutions and their leaders -- who claim to help graduates develop critical thinking -- are doing too little to combat the growing lack of reason roiling our society, Ryan Craig writes. More...

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Against Recycling

HomeThe concept of self-plagiarism is peculiar and in some ways more interesting than ordinary plagiarism, observes Scott McLemee. More...

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Bias in the Academy: Counting Co-Authors

HomeIn light of the frequent campus climate issues of recent years, many of us in higher education have been thinking about inherent biases in our institutions’ appointment, promotion and tenure systems. More...

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HomeA poem about final papers by Laurence Musgrove.
As I did not teach for the good of my fellow-men,
but simply for a livelihood, this was a failure.
“Economy,” Thoreau
I’ve been conferencing with my students
This week on their final papers on Walden.
I’ve read over their first drafts, seven pages,
Works cited, and they are what you might
Expect: a little awkward, a little unfocused,
A little off topic, a little too personal, a little
Too little. More...

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