08 décembre 2019

Media Release: Hong Kong activists barred from speaking at ANU today

The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) is surprised and disappointed by the Australian National University’s last-minute decision to refuse permission for Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) General Secretary Lee Cheuk-yan and other Hong Kong democracy activists to speak at a public event at the University this afternoon. More...

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Union uncovers pay discrepancies for casual staff (Advocate 26 03)

At the University of Melbourne,  NTEU has uncovered widespread issues related to how casual academic staff are (and are not) being paid for marking as part of a wider campaign on the conditions for casual tutors. More...

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Wage Theft investigation leads to $2,000,000 in back pay (Advocate 26 03)

Action taken by casual academics has allowed NTEU to secure $2 million in underpayments for 83 current and former staff at the Academy of Information Technology (AIT). This is a fantastic demonstration of what can be achieved when workers work together, and with their Union, to challenge unfair and unjust employment conditions. More...

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Workplace democracy under threat (Advocate 26 03)

Union democracy and workplace democracy generally have never been more important, nor under so much threat.
I recently had the interesting experience of appearing before the Senate Education and Employment Committee to present NTEU’s position on the Ensuring Integrity Bill. Interesting because new experiences are always interesting, but also because it demonstrated to me the depth of penetration of the narrative that all unions are lawless. More...

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Bargaining tackles insecure work (Advocate 26 03)

NTEU has all but concluded bargaining across the sector in Round 7 bargaining, with only one Agreement outstanding at the University of New England. In what has been a difficult bargaining round, there have been significant gains: annual pay rises between 1.8% and 2.4%, casual conversion clauses, improved Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment and leave provisions, and improved superannuation provisions for fixed term staff across the sector. More...

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Building a better vision for the future for our sector and our union (Advocate 26 03)

Welcome to the latest edition of the Advocate, which draws together a series of articles exploring developments across our sector, our union and society more broadly. More...

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Advocate vol. 26 no. 3 now available

This edition includes full coverage of our #IStandWithGerd campaign in support of Murdoch University Associate Professor Gerd Schröder-Turk, the Coalition Government's attack on unions with the Ensuring Integrity Bill, the climate emergency, developments in Hong Kong and Zimbabwe, our recent National Council and much more. More...

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May Day poster reveals union history (Advocate 26 03)

NTEU was formed in 1993 from a number of predecessor organisations. In the ACT, these included the Australian National University Staff Association (as a member of the Federated Australian University Staff Association (FAUSA)) and the ANU Administrative and Allied Officers’ Association (ANUAAOA). The latter body represented general staff of level 6 and above, and was regarded by many as a ‘bosses’ union’. Most general staff in the ACT were instead represented by the Health Services Union (HSUA, known today as the HSU), which had coverage of university staff at ANU and UC at the time. More...

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State of the Uni Survey complete (Advocate 26 03)

If you are a keen Advocate reader, you probably recently completed the Union’s nationwide survey of university staff – the State of the Uni survey –which is now closed.
This year the Union ran the third such survey, with previous surveys run in 2015 and 2017. With around 21,000 responses, this year’s Survey has been the largest ever. More...

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Bargaining almost done (Advocate 26 03)

Only two Agreements to go before Round 7 of enterprise bargaining concludes, and preparations for our next round of bargaining commence.  
Since the last update, members at the University of Wollongong, Flinders University, University of the Sunshine Coast, Victoria University, Monash University and University of New England (Professional Staff) have campaigned for and negotiated strong Agreements. More...

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