27 novembre 2019

Diplome.gouv.fr : un site pour obtenir une attestation en ligne en cas de perte de diplôme

Le site diplome.gouv.fr proposé par les ministères en charge de l'Éducation nationale et en charge de l'Enseignement supérieur permet :

  •     Pour les diplômés, d'obtenir des attestations numériques certifiées de diplômes en cas de perte ;
  •     Pour des tiers, de vérifier l'authenticité d'un diplôme grâce à une clé de contrôle donnée par le diplômé.

Accéder au site diplôme.gouv.fr

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Feds Cancel Loans for 1,500 Former Dream Center Students

HomeBy Paul Fain. The U.S. Department of Education on Friday said it was canceling 4,000 student loans taken out by roughly 1,500 students who last year attended the Art Institute of Colorado or the Illinois Institute of Art. More...

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Education Department Explains Grand Canyon Decision

HomeBy Paul Fain. The U.S. Department of Education last week told Grand Canyon University that it had determined that the university remains a for-profit institution. The decision surprised many in higher education and could be relevant to other for-profits that are seeking to change their tax status, as well as to colleges that outsource the administration of online programs to outside companies. More...

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Survey of Graduates on Value of Credentials

HomeBy Paul Fain. Graduates of nondegree vocational programs are more likely to say their postsecondary credentials were worth the cost and made them an attractive job candidate than were graduates of terminal bachelor's degree programs. More...

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Buttigieg's $500 Billion Free Tuition Plan

HomeBy Paul Fain. Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., and a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, last week released a $500 billion plan to make college more affordable for working- and middle-class families. More...

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Report on Accountability and Higher Ed's 'Triad'

HomeBy Paul Fain. A new report from New America recommends a wide range of changes to higher education's regulatory triad, the three primary types of regulators for the industry: accreditors, state agencies and the U.S. Department of Education. More...

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Private Conversations About Private College Closures

HomeBy Paul Fain. A college advising company planned to release a list projecting when specific private colleges could run out of money and close, but pushback from the sector convinced the company to scuttle its plan. More...

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Bipartisan Movement in Washington

HomeBy Paul Fain. The powerful Republican chairman of the U.S. Senate’s education committee is backing a bipartisan bill aimed at for-profit colleges and their recruiting of students who are veterans of the U.S. military. More...

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Moody's on Mass. College Closure Law

HomeBy Paul Fain. A new Massachusetts law requires increased financial disclosures for the state's colleges. It also boosts state regulators' authority to monitor colleges' financial strength and requires those that are deemed at risk to file contingency plans for their students. More...

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Study on Campus Carry Legislation

HomeBy Paul Fain. A new study analyzes the conditions that can contribute to the passage of campus carry legislation. For example, it found that "open shooter incidents" anywhere within a state positively influence the introduction of these bills. More...

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