15 octobre 2019

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the JavaScript

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the JavaScript
Jason Rodriguez, CSS-Tricks, 2019/02/13
This post talks about one developer's journey to learn - or in this case, not learn - Javascript. This is not an easy journey in 2019, as the reference to these developer roadmaps makes clear. These roadmaps are similar to the roadmap to learning Solid I pointed to yesterday (it's interesting to see the developer community independently discover something like the mechanism of learning design for developer roadmaps, albeit without all the overhead (such as roles) that educational institutions introduce). More...

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No, They Are Not Skills?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. No, They Are Not Skills?
Tim Stahmer, Assorted Stuff, 2019/02/13
We're hearing more and more about 'mindsets' - for example, the "innovator's mindset", an "entrepreneurial mindset", and the like. They have a mysterious origin. As Tim Stahmer suggests here, a mindset "is a way of looking at life," and thus distinct from a 'skill' which is... something different? I'm hard-pressed to see the difference. From where I sit, knowledge and skills are (at least in part) ways of looking at the world (or as Lakoff would put it, 'frames'). More...

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LCB April Question - Leave a Clean Corpse

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. LCB April Question - Leave a Clean Corpse
This month's Learning Circuits Big Question is: "ILT and Off-the-Shelf Vendors - What Should They Do?" (For those not familiar with the relentless jargon coming out of LC: ILT stands for Instructor-Led Training - the question seems to address both companies that produce educational software and companies that provide training courses). Anyhow, the best answer by far comes from Tom Haskins: "leave a clean corpse." heh. "Now that we are on a roll of learning from internal blogging or subscribing to RSS feeds, tags and searches -- it seems antiquated to pretend that identified skill gaps from a training needs analyses could have a clue about what can be cooked up today, between us, to get better results than yesterday." More discussion of the corpse response. More...

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Good Teaching with Technology

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Good Teaching with Technology Does Make a Difference
In addition to the really nice redux John left in the comments, the ridiculous Associated press report about the study of technology use in the classroom also gets the treatment from Wesley Fryer (who also informs us that sharp pencils and bright projector bulbs don't improve learning outcomes either). More to the point, Fryer asserts that "Good teaching with technology does make a big difference," citing "Cheryl Lemke [who] discusses the large body of research that does exist which reveals the positive differences that are made when technology is used appropriately by teachers." I don't know why he's so determined to include the 'good teaching' part, though. I think you would find that technology makes a difference even without the teaching. More...

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Freebase Buzz

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Freebase Buzz
For background on just what this is, you need to look up and read about JSON (the official pages aren't very useful, so here's more). For those who didn't follow the links (heh), JSON is basically a way of transporting data from one website to another by using the tag hack to get around browser security rules. It's also the major data format behind AJAX and other Web 2.0 tricks (alas the HTTPDRequestObject that's in all the guides does not get around browser security rules). My late lamented referrer system of a few years ago used this method. Anyhow, it's really simple. Strings go in quotes, lists in square brackets, and associative arrays (hashes) in curly braces. The colon is used for naming. OK fine. Freebase is a user-generated database that supports questions and answers in this format. Think of it as sort of a structured Wikipedia. More...

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State of the Live Web

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. State of the Live Web
The post from Micropersuasion linked from this item is really hard to load into your browser because of all the crap embedded videos it contains, but the essence is that, according to Technorati, the rate of blog posting has slowed and begun to decline. To save you the grief, Here's the graph. Note that the turning point happens at the beginning of 2006 - about a year after I said it would. More...

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Edu-RSS Viewer

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Edu-RSS Viewer
Thanks everyone for all the kind emails that came my way today. I wanted to respond with a present with my own but instead spent the day elbow deep in Google's dysfunctional Blogger API. Changes to both Blogger and Google's APIs have rendered most Perl code using them obsolete, and I was trying to build my autoblog feature before I left for Boston. Alas, no. But I want to let you see this anyhow, because it's the beginning of the next iteration of what I think the PLE will look like (well, without the "Stephen's Web" branding, of course). Just be kind, because it's very much a work in progress. As soon as I turn the feature on, the viewer will recognize logged-in users and will show only recent Edu-RSS posts. It will also let you rate them. The viewer format allows people to skip through the posts very quickly. The links to blogs and topics also display in the viewer. I will be adding a lot to this basic platform in the future - results ordering by rating, interactivity with other applications, OpenID, and more. I'll be showing the system at the conference on Thursday. Stephen Downes, Stephen's Web April 6, 2007 [Link] [Tags: , , , , , , ]. More...

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Actualités des métiers : zoom sur les métiers du nettoyage

Orientation Pays de la LoireParmi les publications sur les secteurs, les filières économiques et les branches professionnelles repérées pour vous, découvrez tout particulièrement une étude sur les métiers du nettoyage. Des articles sur les métiers de l’énergie, l’aéronautique et la grande distribution, le site internet des métiers des jardineries et graineteries, une étude sur le métier de vétérinaire et des guides sur les métiers du BTP et ceux du tourisme ont également retenu notre attention. Plus...

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La prépa-apprentissage : un dispositif sur mesure pour construire son projet professionnel

Logo EtoileVous avez entre 16 et 25 ans et vous êtes intéressés par les métiers de l'artisanat, la prépa-apprentissage vous offre l'opportunité d'être accompagné dans votre projet. Plus...

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Formation je passe à l'action : Lettre hebdo du vendredi 4 octobre 2019

Logo EtoileInformation du Ministère du Travail sur la formation professionnelle. Plus...

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