30 octobre 2019

Yes, Books Are Banned

By Barbara Fister. … in Virginia, and all over the country.
Every year since 1982, the American Library Association, publishers, booksellers, and allied organizations like PEN America have dedicated a week in September to highlight the importance of the freedom to read. This is Banned Books Week. More...

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Dona Nobis Pacem

By Barbara Fister. If you want to get my goat, or, I daresay, the goat of any librarian, make a gratuitous reference to shushing. The finger held to the lips, the aggressive whisper, the frown at a pin’s drop. We don’t do these things, but it’s a stereotype that is endlessly used in article titles and commercials, and it’s annoying. More...

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On Showrunners, Professors and ‘I Like to Watch’

By Joshua Kim. Inside Higher Ed is a community where we attempt, at least sometimes, to make sense of higher ed. Why else would we spend time on the site? There are far more absorbing activities we could be engaging in than debating the university. For sheer entertainment value, we could do worse than devoting our precious waking hours to watching TV. More...

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Critical Digital Pedagogy and the OPM

By Joshua Kim. How might an OPM built on the principles and values of critical digital pedagogy (CDP) operate. More...

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Imagining an Integrated LMS / Project Management Platform

By Joshua Kim. Most online and blended course teams are small.  They have a professor and an instructional designer.  Most courses don’t even have that, with the professor on her own to design, deliver, and evaluate the course.  But in most online programs, instructional designers collaborate with faculty. More...

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A Conversation with a Young EdTech Professional and Future Online Graduate Student

By Joshua Kim. At IHE, we tend to talk about online learning from the perspective of schools and professors and companies and programs. Seldom do we hear from our students and our potential students. More...

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'Drive-Thru Dreams' and the McDonaldization of Higher Ed

By Joshua Kim. Connecting the origins of how we now eat to the future of how we might learn. More...

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Wizards, Prophets and ‘The Fate of Food’

By Joshua Kim. There are two types of people who think about the future of higher ed, and two types of people who think about the future of food. 
There are the Wizards. And there are the Prophets. More...

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Reading 'Audience of One' on the Recommendation of Sibyledu

By Joshua Kim. Viewing Trump.
At the end of every book review I write, I ask you to answer a question: "What are you reading?". More...

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Deploying 'The Way We Eat Now’ as a Model to Think About Higher Ed

By Joshua Kim. Far too often, the stories we tell each other about higher ed are either dismal (demographic drop-offs, cost disease, adjunctification, public disinvestment, etc. etc.) or rapturous (innovation, experimentation, digital, etc.). More...

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