29 octobre 2019

Attack of the Hedgehog

By Matt Reed. In the folktale of the fox and the hedgehog, the fox knows a little about many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.  In that spirit, New Mexico is doing its impression of a hedgehog, and frankly, I’m impressed. More...

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I'll Be Dining Out on This One for Weeks

By Matt Reed. The Boy called from college on Monday.

Me:  How’s it going?

TB:  Kind of crappy.

Me:  Is the job getting in the way of your classes?

TB:  (chuckles) No, nothing like that.  Academically, everything’s good. It’s social.  Actually, I was hoping to get your advice on it.

He was hoping to get my advice on it!

Parenting achievement: unlocked. More...

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A Data Puzzle

By Matt Reed. A shameless plea for help. More...

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A Tip of the Cap

By Matt Reed. A tip of the cap to all of the political science professors out there, especially those teaching Intro to American Government right now. More...

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Doing Public Humanities as a Graduate Student

What does publicly engaged work look like for humanities graduate students. More...

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Time Management Roundup

It’s October and that means that the days are getting shorter even as to-do lists get longer and deadlines draw nearer. More...

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Fellowship Tips: DOE SCGSR

Tips on applying for the Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) program. More...

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Business Genderqueer

Let's be real. Wardrobe choices in graduate school can be tricky. Some of us dress more formally to teach. Others have felt the need to make more conservative fashion choices when teaching. When I taught math face-to-face, I wore a button-down shirt for at least the first day as an indicator that I was, in fact, the teacher. More...

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The Grad Abroad: Doing Your Ph.D. in Germany

In 2016, I moved to Giessen, Germany to start a Ph.D. in history. Giessen is a small university town in Hessen, a 40-minute train ride away from Frankfurt, the closest big city. Though originally from the great (lakes) state of Michigan, I moved away from the U.S. several years before coming to Giessen and picked up a German beau along the way. More...

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Writing Habits That Work

Over the course of these last few weeks, I’ve been buried in writing. In addition to working on my dissertation, I’ve also been working with graduate students on their applications for national fellowships and academic jobs and together we’ve scaled a small mountain of research and personal statements. More...

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