23 octobre 2019

Canon Rock

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Canon Rock
A link came through email the other day to this video on YouTube. It was noted that the artist would not have ben able to get anything like the same exposure in the pre-YouTube days (not, I would say, without signing his life away in a recording contract). How much exposure? Try (as of right now) 21,637,087 views, 68883 comments (including one from me) and favorited: 153324 times. I like th video because it really bridges rock and classical music in a way that makes each accessible to fans of the other. As it turns out, there is a whole 'Canon Rock' culture out there, as I discovered when I searched for more background, including jerryc, who I guess wrote the adaptation, as well as numerous others. Here's a New York Times article from a year ago on the videos, and a blog post. More...

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