16 octobre 2019

Better Networked Learning

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Better Networked Learning
Michael Feldstein writes, "VLE designs tend to be relatively lightly informed by praxis. Likewise, networked learning practitioners are limited in terms of envisioning how the VLE should work because they often do not know what is possible" (Aside: I dislike the word praxis - it's just the word practice with an attitude). He suggests that this communication might be accomplished by bridging two linguistic forms (neither of which I like, particularly), use cases and pattern languages (which in turn can inform an organized collection of best practices). "We can translate theoretical research into empirically validated best practices through design patterns," writes Feldstein. "Suppose further that we can then translate those best practices into software design through use cases. If so, then we will have a complete process for driving learning and cognition findings into the fabric of our networked learning programs, both in teaching methods and in software design." I'm uneasy with this - it's hard to articulate why, exactly - but I don't think software should be designed to 'do things' so much as it should be designed to 'create capacity'. I know that's not a very clear distinction. More...

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The Evolution of Learning Management Systems

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Evolution of Learning Management Systems
Do learning management systems have a future? According to this article, "The trend is towards learners tracking their own learning results, using either personal learning environments or e-portfolios." So does that mean the end of the line for learning management systems? There remains room for innovation, argues the author, in personalization, "automatic generation of motivational messages", facilitating learner control, 2D and 3D environments, and service-oriented architectures. More...

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YackPack For Education

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. YackPack For Education
Jane Hart has been performing a real service listing new educational applications (or applications that could be used in education). Today she highlights Yack Pack for Education. A YackPack creates a group of people that can converse with each other in real time or leave voice messages for each other. More. According to the site, "YackPack can quickly improve educational communication. Motivate students, give quality feedback with ease and communicate clearly with students, parents and administrators." More...

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Re-Framing Education for the 21st Century

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Re-Framing Education for the 21st Century
Summary of a talk, with a lot of good links, on Web 2.0 in education. Just one thing (and this has been bothering me for some time now). He writes, "Colleagues and friends in East Lothian have been doing some stupendous work in this area." Quite so. But what about West Lothian? How come we never hear from them. More...

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Competition Good for Changing the World

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Competition Good for Changing the World
I'm in a period of busyness so I'm running a bit behind (getting involved in listserv disputes doesn't help) but I am thinking of new design ideas for newsletter posts (I like the overall design, but I want each post to be something more colourful, less linear, with more illustrations - something like the way I have been presenting each slide in my recent slide shows - let me know what you think) and I have a fabulous new name for Edu_RSS (which I really need to keep to myself for a bit). Meanwhile, the world continues furiously apace. More...

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Trying (and Failing) to Buy WKRP in Cincinnati

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Trying (and Failing) to Buy WKRP in Cincinnati
WKRP was one of my favorite shows. "Oh my God they're turkeys!" Anyhow, this story reads like an Art Carlson fiasco as it turns out to be quite impossible to but the show on DVD. Why? Because music royalties would make it prohibitively expensive. As a result, the music industry gets nothing and if you want to see the show, well, the only way is to scour the file-sharing networks where there may be copies floating around that your kids have ripped from video. More...

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Real: Getting Less Real Every Day

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Real: Getting Less Real Every Day
I spent some time pondering this diagram, which suggests it's worth passing along. The idea is that, through the division of environments into various blends of real and not-real, we can see how the same sort of role manifests itself differently. This is clearest when we see that the 'hero' in the gaming environment is the same as the 'student' in the learning environment and the 'individual' in the real environment. More...

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By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. De-Schooling
Short summary of a Graham Attwell talk in which "he argued that he wanted to de-school society to enable real and effective life-long learning" - no link, but this is typical. Wolfgang Greller responds, "it would be very destructive to society to leave learning entirely to self-arranged activities [because learning] also includes learning about your dislikes and opening new, unexpected doors." This is a common response, the essence of which is the fear that learners will make the wrong choices, learn the wrong things, or not learn at all. Which leads me to ask: are we doing so well now? Children grow up today illiterate, they grow up with racist or other prejudices, they grow up violent, and millions upon millions grow up without an education at all. I'm not saying we should suddenly shut the door - that would be irresponsible. But I think that, instead of trying more and more management (which, incidentally, makes education more and more expensive), we could try less management. More...

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Concepts Not Nodes

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Concepts Not Nodes
Matthias Melcher discusses my recent criticism of one of George Siemens's posts. In that post, I express the concern, with some justification, that the language is too vague to be descriptive. His explanation is that the vagueness is because a word like 'knowledge' has several senses. But we can be more precise about other words, such as, say, 'concept'. I offer a comment at the end of the article suggesting that the vagues occurs because the entitities we discuss when talking about networks are sub-symbolic. So there is not a nice neat correspondence between the physical properties of a network and the semantical properties of, say, a sentence. More...

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Our Crooked Broker Society

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Our Crooked Broker Society
Harold Jarche puts together a chart offered by Dave Pollard and a list offered by Roger Schank and in so doing creates a pretty good explanation for some of the ills of the educational system. "Are teachers the desperate suppliers," he asks, "exploited by the school system which has a virtual monopoly on education jobs? Are publishers, testing companies and universities the procurers who gouge the addicted parents, looking for any advantage in a shrinking middle class?" He suggests that local control would fragment this system - "'Small pieces, loosely joined' may be the right strategy for educational reform." But I'm less sure - in certain hands, the decentralization movement (I'm reminded of the Charlottetown Accord) seems more like a strategy of "divide and conquer". More...

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