16 octobre 2019

Active Learning, the DS Lite and What Our Schools Should Look Like

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Active Learning, the DS Lite and What Our Schools Should Look Like
Discussion of a recent report on the Scottish curriculum that emphasizes the importance of play for younger learners. "There is no long-term advantage to children when there is an over-emphasis on systematic teaching before 6 or 7 years of age." Ewan McIntosh remarks, "the same might not be said for older kids. However, there is much of this which does have a place somewhere in the early secondary curriculum at least." The definition of play changes, of course, as one gets older. More...

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By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. PLEase
I guess the concept of the personal learning environment "began crossing the chasm into the mainstream" of the corporate e-learning community last week. there may be a land rush shortly, but for now the discussion has mostly been of the head-scratching and visioning variety. Citing some workshops with Harold Jarche and Judy Brown last year, Jay Cross suggests that the best starting point was what we were calling Personal Knowledge Management. meanwhile, Tony karrer responds to my concern that the corporate world is more interested in command and control. More...

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Rethinking WalMart Patronage

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Rethinking WalMart Patronage
I am not a religious man. That statement offends some, dismays others, and confounds even more, as they wonder how I can advance a philosophy of education and technology as profoundly rooted in morality as in science. But, as I once commented to one of my friends in the faith, my morality and my beliefs come from my science. And not, importantly, the reverse.
This statement is to introduce two items. The first is an item in Science that has gotten a lot of discussion, on the topic of framing science (the article is behind a subscription wall - more discussion here, with follow-ups here and here and here). I personally do not care whether people believe in evolution or creation. I do care when one type of enquiry - science - is confused with another type of enquiry - faith. Because if you can do this - simply cross categories like this - then you can do things like substitute one type of belief - morality, say - with another - greed. And when I look at the rise of creationism, what I am seeing is not actually religion seeking to replace science, but rather personal greed and ambition seeking to replace religion.
The second item is a post by Wesley Fryer titled Rethinking WalMart Patronage documenting his reaction to a film on the corporate giant. he makes the right turns, to my mind, in this discussion, ending at the point where faith and reason merge: "ALL human beings deserve and have the right to be treated as ENDS, not merely means. (I share that view with Immanuel Kant as well as Jesus Christ, among many others.) The ongoing development and cultivation of literacy skills is an essential need for all people. More...

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Virginia Tech

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Virginia Tech
I have had this discussion before, about gun control. This is the inevitable result of a country that lives and breathes guns. I'm sorry. I'm angry. There's nothing else to be said. "One person was killed and others were wounded at multiple locations inside a dormitory about 7:15 a.m., Flinchum said. Two hours later, another shooting at Norris Hall, the engineering science and mechanics building, resulted in multiple casualties, the university reported". More...

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Horizon Europe : les nouveautés du programme-cadre

ESR enseignementsup-recherche gouv frLe programme-cadre pour la recherche et l'innovation Horizon Europe prendra la suite d'Horizon 2020 à partir du 1er janvier 2021. Adapté aux problématiques contemporaines, le futur programme-cadre vise à accroître l'impact et la compétitivité de la recherche en Europe. Zoom sur les nouveautés du programme Horizon Europe. Plus...

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Derniers programmes de travail 2018-2020 d'Horizon 2020

ESR enseignementsup-recherche gouv frLa Commission européenne a publié le 2 juillet 2019 les mises à jour des programmes de travail 2018-2020 d'Horizon 2020. Plus...

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A la découverte des métiers de l'ingénierie industrielle de demain

Logo cap-métiersCe MOOC évoque, à travers ses différentes séquences, la transformation de l'usine et des métiers de l'ingénierie industrielle. Ouvert à tous et en particulier aux lycéens et étudiants ou encore aux professeurs principaux dans le cadre des semaines d'orientation, il leur fera découvrir un secteur d'activité qui recrute et des métiers qui se développent comme celui de data scientist, d'ingénieur en sécurité aéronautique, d'ingénieur projets cabotiques ou bien de BIM manager. Plus...

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Un MOOC pour former et développer les compétences

Logo cap-métiersFort de son succès, FUN relance une nouvelle session du MOOC certifiant "Former et développer les compétences - Innovation et pilotage". Il s'adresse à tout salarié en charge d'une fonction développement des compétences au sein d'une entreprise ou toute personne souhaitant acquérir les fondamentaux de cet emploi. Plus...

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Créer un MOOC inclusif

Logo cap-métiersLa plateforme FUN lance un MOOC pour les concepteurs de formation en ligne afin qu'ils maîtrisent les bonnes pratiques d'accessibilité numérique, l'objectif étant de s'adresser au plus grand nombre et ainsi aux personnes en situation de handicap. Plus...

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Nouvelle présentation des certifications des métiers des services à la personne

Logo cap-métiersLa Direction générale des entreprises (DGE) a travaillé avec les ministères de l’éducation nationale et de la jeunesse, des solidarités et de la santé, de l’agriculture et de l’alimentation et du travail afin de proposer une nouvelle lecture de l'offre de formation des certifications des métiers des services à la personne de niveau 3 à 5 et des compétences nécessaires pour y accéder. Plus...

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